Miss Cayman’s 
universal portfolio

Miss Cayman Cristin Alexander is busy building her portfolio in time for the Miss Universe pageant tin Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 12 September. 

She recently returned home from her trip to the Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was took part in catwalk training, modelling and photography. 

While on-island she has been working closely with local photographers Patrick Broderick, David Goddard and Luis Vallecillo in preparation for the big event. 

“Attending a competition on this large a scale has really hit home – it has made me realise the importance and value of training and preparation,” Cristin says. 

“Additionally, I have met so many important figures in this business that I am still trying to take it all in.” 

Attending the exclusive True Beauty event, a Miss Universe training workshop, Cristin met top model and runway coach Lu Sierra and pageant coach Joey Galon. She was also photographed by New York-based fashion photographer Fadil Berisha, the official photographer for Miss Universe and Miss USA.  

Cristin also received advice from style guru Robin Ross-Flemming, owner of gown showroom La Casa Hermosa in West Palm Beach, Florida, and from Linda Rondinella-Osgood, make-up artist to the stars. 

“These past few months have been filled with fantastic training opportunities for me,” says Cristin. “One of my best moments was meeting motivation speaker Dale Smith Thomas, who gave me the inspiration and motivation to forge ahead. 


Miss Cayman builds a portfolio in preparation for the Miss Universe pageant.
Fadil Berisha

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