Junior gearing up for Dover Independence Day race

Junior Hydes will have another shot at impressing Jamaican motorsports fans.

This weekend Hydes heads to Dover Raceway in St. Ann’s Bay for the third round of the 2011 Caribbean Circuit Championship. The meet is slated for 6-7 August over the Jamaican Independence Day holiday.

Hydes states he is confident in another strong showing behind the wheel of his 1995 Mitsubishi Evolution III.

“It’s the same old Evo III as before except the 4G63 engine is fully built,” Hydes said. “It makes 590 wheel horsepower and is stroked from a 2.0 litre to 2.2l. It has ported and polished heads, big cams, exhaust and manifold intake. There is a complete custom-built exhaust system too. In addition there is a GT37 Garrett turbo that has a lightweight, aluminium wheel with the billet. The lag is not a problem and there’s nothing to complain about.

“We’ve widen the car 2.5 inches with spacers for better handling. We have 17×9 wheels and we even converted them from four lugs to five lugs because it is easier to get more wheels.”

The modifications to the car paid off earlier this year. In the second round of competition, dubbed the Caribbean Invasion, Hydes earned three top five finishes. He grabbed fifth and fourth place in the Modified Production class as well as the fifth spot in the Thundersport group. He was part of a field of at least 25 drivers for each race.

In discussing the car’s characteristics, Hydes credits the suspension set-up as a key element.

“I’m tremendously pleased with the way the car turned out. The tires are Hoosiers slicks, which are top of the line racing types. We have Tien coil-overs on but they have to be improved as they are not stiff enough for Dover. For this coming race we’re going to change the springs and put in aftermarket sway bars.

“It’s a full-on race car with a roll-cage and the works. We have constantly upgraded the brakes since 2009 and we have 14 inch red calipers now with a six-piston set-up. We also changed the looks up a bit as it has yellow paint, black wheels, black spoiler, Evo V body-kit, graphics including the Cayman coat of arms on the hood and we changed it from four doors to two doors.”

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