Lighthouse kids play horsey in programme

Students from the Lighthouse School enjoyed a week of summer camp this month, with horseback riding, a trip to Rum Point, a visit with dolphins and craft sessions, as well as trips to the movies. 

The programme, in which 14 students participated, was sponsored by LIME. 

School principal Carla MacVicar said, “The students had a wonderful time and I’m delighted with LIME’s support. We were once again able to host the camp, which is designed to be educational as well as fun.” 

The Lighthouse School summer camp enhances the lives of the students and the volunteers alike, organisers say. The students are treated to recreational and social activities that many would otherwise never have an opportunity to experience. In turn, the volunteers are afforded an opportunity to spend at least some time with students. 

Tony Ritch, general manager of LIME Cayman Islands, said of the many community activities the company is involved in, “this one in particular is near and dear to many of my colleagues and we are never short of volunteers to take part. I think they have as much if not more fun than the students.” 

Lighthouse school

Shanna Scott, owner of Cowboy Town Stables, introduces Freckles to participants in the Lighthouse School summer camp programme. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED

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