Police make cash-for-guns offer


    With just two firearms being turned in during the Royal
    Cayman Islands Police guns amnesty programme in July, officers have decided to
    extend the programme for another month.

    This time around, they’ll be offering cash to individuals
    who turn in their weapons.

    According to Robert Baraud of High Impact Media, his company
    has set aside $2,000 for police to offer to those who turn in weapons or
    ammunition. Additional donations for the programme will be sought from the
    private sector.

    Mr. Baraud said up to $200 will be given for each
    operational firearm – including pellet guns – turned in during the month of
    August and $25 will be given per 10 rounds of ammunition that are turned in.

    “No questions asked,” Mr. Baraud said.

    RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden said he was disappointed
    with the results of the July gun amnesty programme. Just one shotgun and one
    rifle were turned in to police, along with 144 rounds of ammo.

    During a 2010 gun amnesty, 26 weapons were turned in along
    with 233 rounds of ammunition.

    “Look back….at the first stage of the amnesty, to ask me if
    I’m disappointed the answer would be ‘yes’,” Mr. Bodden said. “We have had so
    many incidents…during the amnesty that have involved the use of firearms where
    injuries have resulted and criminal activities have been committed.

    “I wouldn’t say that it failed. If one firearm is taken off
    the street that is a success.”

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    Last year, the RCIPS gun amnesty resulted in the collection of 26 weapons, including handguns, shotguns, a flare gun, a crossbow, an explosives detonator and a grenade, as well as 233 rounds of ammunition.
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    1. 2 guns, yet the impression was given that the program was highly successful. Here’s a though I think they’d have a better turnout if they just started to pay people not to commit crimes. Like 200.00 for every robbery you don’t commit. The RCIPS can just put kiosks all over the island for the would be thieves to come on Friday and collect their pay.

      I mean are these guys crazy disillusioned or just downright stupid enough to believe that robbers and wanna be Gangsters would just freely turn their weapon over.

    2. NJ2Cay

      The bad boyz in Cayman are laughing their heads off, you can almost be certain of that.

      They can come out of hiding, rob and shoot whoever the choose, disappear with their weapons…all without any fear of this pathetic excuse for a police force called the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service…just the name alone says it all…we are a police service…in the business of the purchase and disposal of guns, not the business of finding you and your gun and arresting or shooting you, should you resist arrest with your firearm.

      That way we won’t have to put our precious skins at risk to have to come and kick down your door, looking for it and risk being shot by you, dear gunman.

      If some of these bad boyz was running the Cayman police service, Cayman would have a better police force, guaranteed.

      It is a dispicable slap in the face to the citizens of Cayman to extend this so-called amnesty without any arrests or progress reported in the two almost lethal shootings that have just recently taken place.

      It sends a message the RCIPS has no intention or is afraid to step up the search for these weapons and their users in the ways available to them that would increase arrests and seizures and have the citizens of Cayman feeling some semblance of safety again.

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