Hundreds join search for missing woman

    Kerran Baker missing since Saturday

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    Dr. Ruthlyn Pomares spent Monday and Tuesday running her
    medical clinic in the Rankin Centre by herself.

    Her lone assistant, Kerran Natalee Baker – known to her
    friends as ‘Kerry’ or ‘Kerry-Ann’ – hadn’t shown up by mid-day Tuesday and Dr.
    Pomares was extremely worried.

    “She’s very responsible,” Dr. Pomares said. “If she’s going
    to be late, she will call.”

    The last time anyone received a call from Ms Baker was on

    A close friend of Ms Baker’s found the 25-year-old Jamaican
    national’s handbag and several full bags of groceries sitting on the kitchen
    counter of the Bodden Town home she rented on Saturday night. On Monday, police
    found the white Honda Civic Ms Baker drove abandoned in a cemetery field just
    north of Pedro Castle.

    “The fact that Kerran left the house without her handbag is
    very unusual,” said RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden. “She also uses her
    phone a lot, but none of her friends or family received any calls or messages
    from her since Saturday evening.”

    Ms Baker’s close friend, Inia Ricketts, found three or four
    bags of groceries on the counter of her friend’s home Saturday night. A few items
    had been left on the floor. Ms Ricketts said Kerran would never do that.

    “She would not leave paper towels on the floor, she would
    not leave meat or milk out like that; she was a neat freak,” Ms Ricketts said.
    “I think she was taken from inside her home.”

    Ms Ricketts said she last heard from her friend around 5pm
    Saturday. Earlier in the day Ms Baker had been at work until noon. She went
    home and then went back into George Town around 3pm to send money to her

    “We talk every day, there’s not a morning she doesn’t call
    me and tell me to get out of bed,” Ms Ricketts said.

    Royal Cayman Islands Police investigators produced shots from a CCTV video taken inside the airport Fosters store around 7pm Saturday. It was the last known sighting of Ms Baker. 

    Earlier in the day, police said she had been spotted at numerous locations including driving through a Bodden Town police roadblock early Saturday. Later in the day she was seen at governor’s beach and while driving into town. 

    After 7pm Saturday, no more sightings of Ms Baker were reported. Her car was found on Monday around 12.30pm. 

    “We have no idea where she is,” said RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones during a Tuesday afternoon press briefing. 

    In addition to processing the scene where Ms Baker’s car was
    found and searching the area around Pedro Castle, RCIPS officers interviewed
    several individuals who had close contact with Ms Baker in recent weeks.

    Those people included a former male friend of the
    25-year-old woman who was questioned and released.

    Police said no one had been taken into custody in connection
    with Ms Baker’s disappearance at press time.

    Superintendent Bodden noted that there had previously been reports – both at Ms Baker’s residence and at her work – that were of a ‘domestic context’. By that, he said he meant threats and minor bust ups. There were no serious violent incidents and no evidence that Ms Baker had been stalked.

    Friends of Ms Baker’s held two separate volunteer
    search parties Tuesday evening, Ms Ricketts said. One search
    party scoured the area near Pedro Castle, another searched near Ms
    Baker’s residence in Beach Bay. 

    Mr. Bodden said he understood Ms Baker’s friends and the community’s desire to do something about the disappearance. However, he cautioned that volunteers should take care searching remote and rocky areas.

    He also asked volunteers not to touch or handle any items of interest they might come across as it could taint police evidence-gathering. 

    Please see the full story in Wednesday’s editions of the
    Caymanian Compass…


    CCTV cameras inside the airport Fosters store capture Kerran Baker just before she vanished Saturday. Ms Baker’s grocery bags were later found abandoned on the counter of her Bodden Town home.


    Ms Baker


    Police pull items wrapped in plastic from a suitcase found in the trunk of Kerran Baker’s car on Monday afternoon.
    Brent Fuller


    Kerran’s friends gather at the scene where her car was found Monday.
    Brent Fuller


    1. Could we find the locations to meet if we would like to assist with the search?

      Editor’s note: Meeting places are at the Pedro Castle cemetery, right before the Pedro entrance and the end of Beach Bay Road at the waterside. We’ll put a location at the end of the story as well.

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