College, law school to be named after politicians

The University College of the Cayman Islands and the Cayman
Islands Law School will be renamed after two veteran politicians, Benson Ebanks
and Truman Bodden, respectively.

Premier McKeeva Bush said Cabinet approved in principle on
Tuesday, 2 July, to rename the institutions after the two former government

He said Mr. Ebanks had, over several terms, had a
distinguished career as a legislator and as a minister of education and that
UCCI had taken “large strides under his leadership”.

“It is therefore fitting that the University College be
renamed as the Benson O. Ebanks University College of the Cayman Islands, or
the Benson O. Ebanks College, and the formal steps towards this will be
undertaken shortly.”

The law school will be renamed the Truman M. Bodden Law
School next year, in time to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

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Mr. Bush said that like Mr. Ebanks, Mr. Bodden had also
served several terms in the Legislative Assembly and had also been a minister
of education.

“Perhaps influenced by his own professional interest in the
law, but also no doubt fully aware of the opportunities for Caymanians in the
field, Mr. Bodden had a great deal to do with the setting up, in 1982, of the
Cayman Islands Law School.

“This institution has long proven its worth in the legal
fraternity of the Cayman Islands, in the criminal justice system, and in the
financial services industry,” Mr. Bush said.

He said both these men had made significant contributions to

“This recognition has been earned, and it matters not what
side they were on politically to me nor my government for we do not look at a
person’s contribution to that extent. Their achievement, their contribution, is
the measure to be used.”

The premier added that his government believed that such
honours should be bestowed on people while they were still alive so they could
enjoy the recognition.

Mr. Bush said the government planned to name other places
after individuals, such as the new government administration building. He did
not reveal who that building would be named after, but said it would renamed to
honour a “distinguished public servant who helped build the Civil Service in
this country”.

He said he would bring a proposal to rename the government
building to Cabinet shortly.

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  1. Considering the current state of affairs of our educational system in the Cayman Islands, I fail to see the justification of naming any related entity after any living individual.

    Question: To whom is our National Trade Institute being dedicated?

    Oh, that’s right! We DON’T HAVE ONE DO WE?!

    A truly apt and visionary politician / leader would have made it priority number one to bring about such an institution.

    The blue collar labour sector is the foundation of every stable modern society … hence the breakdown of so many western societies today.

    In any event I fail to see the need for tributes and dedications at this particular time. We have far bigger fish to fry Mac.


    Setting the Record straight It was C.J.Henry Goring, Baristerr At-Law, Vestryman, and Educator ALONG with Dr.Roy E. McTaggart who took it upon themselves to go to the UK for permission for C.J. HENRY GORING, the educator from Barbados and Founder of Secondary Education in the Cayman Islands to INTRODUCE Secondary Education to the people of the Cayman Islands. McKeeva Bush you are very disrespectful and contemptuous. C.J. HENRY GORING and Dr. ROY E. MCTAGGART’S NAME SHOULD BE HONORED I notice McKeeva Bush is also stepping on Teacher McField who was the first School Principal of the Government school in George Town. How dare he! It is clear that Mr. Bush is pandering up to rich men with influence in the Cayman Islands for his own political gain to win votes in 2013. It won’t help him this time. He’s going to need all the help he can get. Now he is dishonoring our men who were the REAL TRUE pioneers in education of the Cayman Islands. He should be stopped and not allowed to do this. He is over stepping his bounds. Mr.A.Steve McField are you and Frank still going to kiss up to Big Mac seeing that he has also dissed honorable men in your family as well. Come on now you can only go so far.

    C.J. Henry ‘Goring introduced Secondary Education to the people of the Cayman Islands long before Triple C School ever was conceived much less existed.
    The British government gave him permission to introduce Secondary Education to the people of the Cayman Islands. Mr. C.J. Henry Goring was even suspended for refusing to teach ONLY the white Kids secondary education as the prejudiced government of the day were forcing him to do and he was the first MLA to be suspended from the House for what he stood for! Caymanians need to know their Black History and not just white English History blighting the educational history of our youth and our society which leans more to promoting white people than all people. It is no wonder they do not know who they really are and where they really came from.

    How could Triple C School be the first Secondary Education School if the founders were taught by C.J. Henry Goring Secondary Education before Triple C was Founded? FYI The Goring School of Secondary Education existed long before the Triple C School was even perceived or conceived! Like he early l900s! Where does Triple C fall into that equation?

  3. I agree with Dubai,
    What happened to Teacher McField and C.J.Henry Goring?
    C.J. Henry Goring taught Secondary Education at his school on Goring Avenue starting in the early 1900’s that’s a historical fact. I saw a former teacher of Triple C School who is not even a Caymanian and not familiar with our history , he was making a claim that Triple C School was the first Secondary School in the Cayman Islands.
    He was corrected by Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza C.J. Henry Goring’s granddaughter.

    Caymanians need to stand up not only to this dictator Premier who is changing the FREEDOM face of Cayman but also to people entering this island and trying to change our history as well.

  4. As I read the comments on this subject it is clear that some contributors seemed to have lost their train of thought as the subject is name change but has become a debate about who is being honored, and we understand spirits rise when we realize we are being taken for a ride by politicians..
    I have no objections to the two former Legislators, Mr.Truman Bodden and Mr. Benson Ebanks former Leaders of Government business. But I must comment that for too long politicians like Mr. McKeeva Bush seems to think that he has a sole monopoly on the will , wishes and desires of the people of the Cayman Islands and that he can do as he pleases. This is totally unacceptable.
    First and foremost, former Governor of the Cayman Islands, Mr. Gerard Smith after which our airport in Cayman Brac has been named; Carefully note that this is an honor bestowed upon the Queen’s representative in these Islands that McKeeva Bush has no moral, no legal, and no political right to remove and the people of the Cayman Islands especially Cayman Brac should immediately engage in a signed petition of objection to such actions by the Premier. The present governor of the Cayman Islands Mr. Duncan Taylor is obligated to get involved with the protective process to ensure that the Premier does not remove the honorable Governor Gerard Smith’s name from the airport, as Mr.Gerard Smith has served well as a late governor of the people of the Cayman Islands and in his latter days cautioned our people not to allow people like McKeeva Bush remove our democratic rights and freedoms and not allow them to destroy our beloved Cayman Isle with over development and chaos. Mr. McKeeva Bush is doing everything opposite of what Mr. Smith advised us all to the detriment of the Cayman Islands. This speaks volumes about the character, discipline, and the personality of this Premier that seem to be a thorn in our side of freedom of expression, life and liberty.
    As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Benson Ebanks and Mr. Truman Bodden have made their contributions serving in our Legislator. I do not object at all to their names being on various government buldings. BUT our politicians seems to constantly overlook the true pioneers of education that made secondary education in the Cayman Islands possible from its inception.
    It is a historical fact that my grandfather C.J. Henry Goring,was seconded from Barbados to the Cayman Islands to teach secondary education in the Cayman Islands to the people there. He also owned and operated his own private school where secondary education was taught to the elite of the day who could afford his tuition fees. People like the Merrens, Boddens, Pantons, etc. and yes it is true that the founders the Missionaries of the Merren family an upstanding family in our society were the founders of the first Christian school named Triple C School BUT they were not the founders of the first secondary education school. C.J. Henry Goring even taught the Merren kids secondary education. so someone got their dates mixed up and has been misinformed.
    My most important objective herein lies in the fact that our old school teachers like Teacher Hill, C.J. Henry Goring, Mrs. Donalee Tatum, Teacher McField and others who were the pioneers of education in these Islands and all of them were people or color, and that they have been overlooked by our government leaders who will stoop to do anything all in the name of greed for more votes and the shenanigans of recruiting and honoring influential white men in our society for the sole purpose to dupe our people into voting for people Like the likes of Mr. McKeeva bush all over again in 2013. IT IS A SET UP. Its time for this trickery to end and end here and now. We have had enough and its not up to Mr. McKeeva Bush to change the name of Gerard Smith’s Arport and I am calling on Governor Duncan Taylor to put a stop to this and let the Gerard Smith Airport’s name remain in honor of the late good Governor who made his great contribution to the Cayman Islands and McKeeva Bush has no legal, moral, nor political nor constitutional right to reverse this decision that was made perhaps long before McKeeva Bush was even born, so Good Governor, we are calling on you to stay the hand of Mr., McKeeva Bush, the Premier of the Cayman Islands and do not allow him to remove the name of one of the most Excellent Governors from out Airport in the Cayman Islands. He deserves better and he is dear to our memory.
    I keep telling the women of the ‘Cayman Islands that we need to strengthen ourselves and not be pushed around. Ms. Juliana Oconnor Conolly, shame on you if you the minister for Cayman Brac, allow the Cayman Brac Airport Terminal’s name to be changed and Governor Gerrard Smith’s name be remove. Its time you stand up as a strong woman, we need strong women in our legislature like myself that will stand up to this tyrant and let him know that enough is enough and you can’t go a step further.
    God bless the Cayman Islands.

    Dr.Florence Goring-Nozza,D.Div.

  5. Dr. Goring

    There’s a very good reason why Goring Ave is named just that; Goring Ave…

    And where does Goring Ave. begin ?

    Right behind the old Merren family estate and ends on Walkers Road.

    Can any of these so-called big-mouthed politicians say that they were sat down and talked to and councled by Mr. Georgie?

    Do they actually know who Mr. Georgie Merren, Mr. Mellie Goring, Mr. Kitchener Solomon et al were, except by reputation and the monuments they have left behind…its a pity they tore down the old Owen Roberts Airport and didn’t keep it for legacy.

    Leave these no-name, no-legacy politicians alone; they have no family name or heritage to speak of and they only have the claims and fame of others to back them up because, when their time is past, they will have left nothing of note of their own creation to be justly proud of or be respected or praised by others for.

    Please continue writing and teaching the youths of Cayman of their long and wonderful heritage.

  6. Dear Firey,

    I thank you so much for those kind words and encouragement. I don’t know why the religious organizations and government hesitates to honor and respect our black heritage and our pioneers that founded our education systems. Is it because they have all been brainwashed as Dr. Frank McField and Mr.Steve Mcfield have always told us, I am convinced.
    I often consider that even The Seventh Day Adventists Church should be very proud of Mrs. Donalee Tatum,making a great contribution to the school where she taught and was the principal of their school I believe she was preceded by Ms. Gleeda Forbes which I mentioned in my book as she and her daughter Mrs.Tania Connolly taught me and my sister how to play the piano. Mrs.Tatum the mother of Ricardo Tatum, and the intellectual fruit of her womb did not at all fall far from the tree as Ricardo Tatum is one of the most educated, informed intellectuals contributing in the Cayman Islands forums of today and we find those comments coming from Mr. Tatum to be sound advice and very valuable. Everyone of Mr. Kitchener and Mrs Jane Solomon’s children were raised honorable, educated and women of respect in their community serving in their organizations faithfully. I don’t know if the church has hallmarked Mrs. Tatum’s name on the walls of their Seventh Day Adventist School but she also should be honored by our government for her contribution to education and putting the seventh Day Adventist School on the map through her quest to travel and live in Jamaica to educate herself to the standards acceptable to the academic systems of the day making them proud. Mr. Kitchener Solomon should be remembered as a most educated Jamaican, an intellectual who migrated to the Cayman Islands several generations ago he was known as the The Walking Bible I’ll never forget it as a little girl he quoted the bible from Genesis to Revelations, uncontested in his biblical knowledge and all of his descendants are very educated people of Cayman’s community. So Cayman has a great heritage, and this is the reason why I wrote the book ‘ONE AND ONE IS TWO available on Amazon and Kindle. It teaches our youth where they came from who they are and where we are going, what they can accomplish.How they can be the head and not the tail above and not beneath. It is a Caribbean thriller but it is also a Historical chronicle of accounts of Growing up in Cayman between l950 to l977. Everyone should have a copy of this book, non-Caymanians as well as Caymanians, how we lived in harmony with people from other countries coming to live and work among us.I also mentioned how there were a few well respected Jamaican families like Mr solomon, and Mr. Sinclair and the Clarkes, The Cohens, etc. who were highly respected Jamaicans migrating to Cayman in the early days and how nationality did not matter, how we got along so well. The some what rude term X-pat was not even heard of in those days, everyone was the same and we lived very crime free peaceful lives.

    Thank you Firey, I am very humbled God Bless.

    Dr.Florence Goring-Nozza,D.Div.