Blood, car keys found during search

    Police trace timeline for missing woman




    Searches being conducted by the Royal Cayman Islands Police
    Service and volunteer teams in the area where a missing woman’s car was found
    Monday turned up a set of car keys in the bush and some blood-stained rocks
    near the shoreline.

    However, as of press time Wednesday, there was no trace of
    Kerran Natalee Baker, 25. Ms Baker has not been seen or heard from since
    Saturday night.

    Her abandoned Honda Civic was found just outside the Pedro
    St. James Castle parking lot entrance on Monday afternoon and police said the
    car keys discovered Tuesday night were located near the vehicle.

    A friend of Ms Baker’s identified the keys as belonging to
    the Jamaican national who has worked in Cayman as a nurse for the last
    two-and-a-half years. However, RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones said
    Wednesday that hadn’t been precisely determined.

    Mr. Jones said the keys did appear to go to a Honda vehicle.

    “The fact that you find the keys in the bush, that’s
    bizarre,” he said, noting that it raised the possibility that someone could
    have thrown them there after parking the Honda.

    The blood stains found on the rocks near the shore were
    further away and rather small, according to Mr. Jones. He said they were being
    processed for any evidence value they might have.

    Mr. Jones said the stains were “not in close vicinity to the

    Friends of Kerran Baker’s who assisted in the Tuesday night
    search near Pedro St. James and in Beach Bay, Bodden Town were said to number
    somewhere between 200 and 300 at one stage.

    “It was really good, because when we put out [the
    notification about the search] we were expecting 50, 60 people,” said Inia Ricketts,
    a close friend of Ms Baker’s. “I was really grateful to see the turnout…they
    wouldn’t give up.”

    Some searches stayed out until about 1.30am Wednesday and
    went to other areas including near Caribbean Utilities Company property in
    Industrial Park and Camana Bay.

    “We’re going to push and pray until something turns up,” Ms
    Ricketts said.

    Ms Ricketts said Ms Baker’s mom and her fiancé had arrived
    in Cayman around noon Wednesday.

    Please see the full story in Thursday editions of the
    Caymanian Compass…


    Volunteer searchers cover the area near Pedro Castle Tuesday night.
    Jewel Levy


    1. Okay Cayman I need help on this one. This young lady went missing on Saturday night right? The car was found Monday right? There was a search of the area done on Tuesday evening which found keys and blood on some rocks — even if a distance away. But if I’m not mistaken there is 24 hours between Monday and Tuesday and all this time the police didn’t search this area that THEY would’ve been the ones to find this evidence — if it is evidence for this case? I’m confused on why the police didn’t search this area completely when the car was found. I could be wrong in the sense that maybe they did find this when they found the car and are just now releasing it so as not to give away information. But if this is true that these things were only found on yesterday then that means that somebody dropped the ball in a big way and there is a life hanging in the balance here. So does that mean that if she was badly injured and laying where the keys were found, she wouldn’t have been found until the search party happened?? I have read so many comments about this case and how the police are not doing a good job, and I too have a strong opinions on some serious inefficiencies of the RCIPS…but I mean even Spongebob Squarepants would’ve searched the entire area and/or talked with staff at Pedro when the car was found. It wouldn’t have taken a community effort to find evidence where the car of a missing person was found (and reported in the news for all to know — including the police if they didn’t know already). In the US, the immediate and surrounding areas are searched when ANYTHING is found in a missing person’s case. So if I’m wrong on this I do apologize to all who took offence but if I’m right in my questioning, then I would hope that not only there is major public outcry but that in the wake of this outcry this young lady is returned safely. Of course finding her is the first priority but then heads should roll and change should be in the air for the top people in the police department.

    2. Blood on the rocks near the shore.

      Search Police boats should be out there with professional divers. they could have used a brick to sink the body. Someone knows that Pedro castle has the deepest waters in the Caribbean and it was the ideal place to cover up a crime!

    3. In the background you see a Church, has anyone checked their CCTV camaras, because I personally know by attending the Church that they have some outside CCTV camaras that could have recorded something.

    4. If police with holds the information regarding the time blood was discovered. Was she alive up to when they searched that area. Did it take some time for them to to harm Kerry. How did the keys appear, did they use metal detectors or just randomly found them!
      Time is of essence.
      How fresh/old is the blood.Did it look like a struggle in the vicinity where the blood was found? What other items were found in the area?

    5. I know officers just can’t devulged information that will jeopardize the outcome of a case, but John Jones…. I would love to hear his reply to jcgie40’s below comment. jcgie40 is asking why they took so long to search the entire area where the car was found, as to one of the first responses at a crime scene, is to conduct a police search. John Jones, what is your take?

    6. Dubai

      I don’t like to be the one to remind us that that Pedro area has not only the deepest waters but also a deep and dark history…a history most Caymanians simply don’t wish to acknowledge.

      It doesn’t look good for this poor girl but I hope that she’s found, preferably alive.

      Bits and pieces reported in the media gives every reason to believe that there was more going on in her life than the surface would reveal…

      Any clues to her whereabouts or fate lies in who her associates and acquaintances were and particularly who these domestic disputes involved, that have been referred to by the police.

    7. jcgie40:

      If the police have failed in their duty then, at the appropriate time, I am sure that this will be raised BUT THIS IS NOT THE APPROPRIATE TIME.

      You do now know the sequence of searches or the nature of what has been found and exactly where. The police do NOT provide all information to the media and will only release information in circumstances such as these when it is right to do so and, for the majority of information that is after anyone is arrested and charged with offences, if, indeed, that is what this case leads to. Investigations such as these are shrouded in mystery and those mysteries are only unravelled by painstaking police work and attention to details within the requirements of evidence.

      At this time, the priority is about finding this young lady not second guessing an investigation from the little you glean from a newspaper or questioning the officer leading the investigation at a time when their time is, rightly, focused on what is important.

    8. What about this friend of hers, Ms. Ricketts who says she knows her well that she wouldn’t be attending a wedding? You can know a friend well, but not that well. Kerran could have drove there to meet a friend at the wedding. She may not have been attending, but she may have driven her car there to meet someone who called her on the phone. So… it was an urgent response and she left her groceries on the kitchen floor. My question is has the Police interviewed those who were at the wedding? Someone at the wedding could be of interest.

    9. Since the Pirate spirit seemingly still exists strong and is forever making a comback to hauant us all.Our waters in the ‘Cayman Islands are the deepest in the Caribbean namely Pedro Castle location.
      Don’t you think its time for us to recruit a Cayman Defense force or coast guard well trained with the necessary vehicles, in addition to the RCIP helicopter aircrafts and especially a ‘SUBMARINE to comb those deep waters whenever persons are missing and cannot be found.
      If the governor or the RCIP requested a British submarine to help out in the search they would only be too happy to do so.
      Governor Duncan request a British Submarine to come here and explore the Pedro Castle Waters for us and have them go around the entire Island including Barkers..

    10. Dubai…

      You’re tops in my books; I don’t always agree with your politics but when it really matters, you’re totally turned on, my friend.

      Maybe they are afraid of what they will find but we, as Caymanians are tired of the ‘disappearances’ over the years…Lugi and his son (1968 or thereabouts), the poor lad off the Northwest Point coastline, the poor Jamaica lad whose remains was just recently found in the bush of Bobby Thompson Way, recently poor Anna, and now this ??!!!

      Time for Cayman to say, ‘not this time Bobo’!

      Get the British and Jamaican military into the Cayman Islands and find this girl, dead or alive, NOW!!!

      If she is dead and has been dumped of Pedro Castle, her body might still be found before the sharks get her.

      We’re having no more of this, is what the Caymanian public should now be SCREAMING out at the CI Government and authorities.

      Enough is enough !

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