Hotel safe that isn’t really safe

It’s a good day when the video we post here
on can be educational as well as marginally entertaining.

Nicer hotels offer safes in the room, so
when you leave, you have no fear your valuables could ever be taken. The
problem is, as this traveler shows, the safe in his room opens with the default
password of just zeroes. That safe isn’t very safe.


  1. Many 5 Star Hotels in Spain had great safes, but they never bolted them to the wall or ground, so you could just leave with the whole safe.

  2. I’m trying to understand who thought publishing this information was a good idea, especially making it available to the ever growing criminal element on the island. It would have been sufficient enough to say the hotel staff has an override passcode and left it at that, but now, anyone that can gain access to any island resort, can help themselves to passports or any other valuables, previously safeguarded (at least safe from total public knowledge). That makes as much sense as locking your front door, putting the key under the welcome mat, and then leaving a note on the door telling where the key has been ‘hidden’…well done!

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