Ex-RCIPS inspector arrested

Royal Cayman Islands Police officials confirmed Saturday that a former officer had been arrested “on suspicion of criminal offences”. 
According to Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, the ex-officer was arrested on Friday. She did not specify the nature of the alleged offence and said the officer had not been charged. 
The Caymanian Compass has learned that the officer is the former head of the RCIPS training division. Newspaper policy is not to name suspects before they are charged with a crime. 
The ex-officer was interviewed on Friday and released on police bail, Ms Howell said. 


  1. When a countries police force is riddled with corruption you can be assured that we are never going to get close to solving half these crimes and catching the criminals commiting them because the corrupt cops are the ones they are working for most the time and who are protecting them.

  2. They need to investigate some of the security guards at the grocery stores that constantly making sexual advances, suggestions towards women when they go shopping. This is the quality of persons we are introducing into our society. Furthermore these businesses need to educate their officers on the ‘insulting the modesty of a woman’ law in this country. That Law should also be modernized to include their actions as well. The next one to touch my wife and ask for her number is going to answer to me.

  3. Until we get some real strong women to work along side those men in the L.A. things won’t change much. We need women in the Legislature that are interested in the safety of women and help draft legislation that will protect the modesty of our women as well as ensure their safety. How do you expect women to win in the L.Al with all men and one woman that is being led by the nose? We have no representation and the sooner we realize that the better. women of Cayman need to form a movement and a coalition to address womens,affairs in this country called home. Stop tearing down one another and come together, be a force to be reckoned with.

  4. I’ve noted that all comments put forward are of some relevance one way or another. However, we are still far too lax and careless when it comes to the safety and well being of women in the Cayman Islands. Example. Two years ago prior to 2009 elections it was reported that a person had slapped
    a clerk in the Legislative Assembly. To date the name of the person who assaulted this lady has not been disclosed nor published. It is no wonder that the thugs are following suit and running wild in our society inflicting violence and disrespect and even murdering the women in our society. God forbid our elected members are the kind of Leaders our youth are expected to follow then I am much afraid we are in for a shock. There has been no word of even an apology or mention of the person responsible for causing this dear lady so much embarrassment and humiliation. Let us hope this lady who was a victim of violence in the work place was indeed financially compensated for her pain and suffering and of course the psychological affect this could have on her for a very long time.
    We really need to carefully think about the kind of men we are electing to lead the country. We need some ladies and some gentlemen. Not thugs.

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