Waterspout in GT harbour

    Crowds in George Town and Seven Mile Beach were mesmerised by a giant waterspout that appeared during
    Friday’s busy lunch hour.  

    The waterspout was first spotted
    around 12.30pm and quickly moved westward along Seven
    Mile Beach. 

    Some onlookers at the George Town
    waterfront were overheard asking if it was a tornado and if it was dangerous.

    They were half right – waterspouts are essentially tornadoes over
    water. Waterspouts are most common over warm oceans
    and although waterspouts are generally weaker then
    tornadoes on land, they can be a danger to boaters.   

    “Usually in the vicinity of the waterspout the wind speeds are more significant and the seas are quite locally more rough so there’s more danger to boaters who are near the waterspout,” Cayman Islands National Weather Service Chief Meteorologist John
    Tibbetts said.

    There are two different wind speeds to look out for, Mr. Tibbetts said. Boaters should beware of the wind speeds around the waterspout and the waterspout’s speed of motion from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.

    Mr. Tibbets advises boaters to stay clear of waterspouts because the increased wind speeds cause the sea to become more rough and choppy especially in the area where the waterspout touches down. 


    Friday’s waterspout looked rather ominous.
    Photo: Submitted by Alex Harling


    1. ‘generally weaker then tornadoes on land, they can be a danger to boaters’.

      Please can you clearly explain to the readers how come the roofs of homes, fences, trees and vehicular damage occurred in the Prospect area a few years ago from a waterspout which came over the land. Let me go back further to the late 80’s when one damaged planes and the hanger building at the airport in George Town.

      Therefore, waterspouts are just as dangerous as a tornado.

    2. Yesop — you seem to take great offence to a passing comment. They did not say waterspouts are harmless — just that they are generally weaker than tornadoes. This is true. A Tornado in the US left 120 people dead last year. Have you heard of a waterspout killing that many?

      They are certainly not as dangerous as tornadoes, because typically there aren’t people near a waterspout. Once it moves to land it becomes a tornado. But when it’s over the water, it is only the fools who go towards it that are in danger.

      I think the originally comment is correct — they are generally weaker than tornadoes.

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