Search continues, no sign of Kerran

Police chase down leads

Family members and friends of a missing nurse split up into search teams Saturday to cover southern and eastern portions of Grand Cayman in their continuing
search for her.  

Kerran Natalee Baker, 25, of Jamaica went missing sometime after 7pm Saturday, 30 July. Royal Cayman Islands Police have little information as to what may have happened to her after that time. 

Saturday’s search started at around 10.30am near the Pedro St. James Castle location where Ms Baker’s white Honda Civic was recovered on Monday. 

Searchers congregated at the open lot near the Texaco gas station in Savannah across the street from the Countryside Shopping Centre. 

The group divided into search teams to cover areas of Savannah, Newlands and Beach Bay. One group headed east from Pedro toward Bodden Town, another went west from Beach Bay along the coast, while a third searched the Newlands area.  

Police acknowledged there was no specific information they possessed that led the groups to search those particular areas. Ms Baker’s Honda was found abandoned near Pedro Castle on Monday, 1 August; her home is located in the Beach Bay area.  

RCIPS officers also admitted that, as time goes on, the chances become less and less likely that Ms Baker will be found alive.  

Ms Baker’s sister, Toney-Ann Anthony, asked anyone with information as to where Kerran might be to come forward either to local police or to her family.  

“We need her dead or alive,” Ms Anthony said. “It’s really depressing for our family.”  

RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones, who attended Saturday’s search team gathering with other RCIPS officers, said police were running down a few more leads and were keen to piece together what happened to Ms Baker after she was recorded on a CCTV camera leaving the airport Foster’s store around 7pm Saturday, 30 July.  

Mr. Jones said police have learned Ms Baker’s cell phone was used after that time. However, officers had no way of determining if it was Ms Baker or someone else using the phone.  

Officers were investigating a sighting of the missing woman’s Honda on Midway Close in the Lower Valley area around 9pm last Saturday. There was also a report of her car being spotted outside the Domino’s Pizza parking lot in Savannah that same night, which police were also checking out.  

Neither alleged sighting had been confirmed by the weekend.  

Mr. Jones said rumours that police had arrested someone at Owen Roberts International Airport on Thursday night were just that. He said police had made no arrests in connection with Ms Baker’s disappearance and also noted that no one had been arrested at the airport on Thursday.  

The chief superintendent also denied other reports that a male friend of Ms Baker’s who police had earlier questioned left the Island on Thursday night.  

“There’s no one to our knowledge that has had a relationship with Kerran who has left the Island,” Mr. Jones said. 

RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden said last week that there had been no reports made to police of stalking or serious violent incidents at Kerran’s home or place of employment.  

However, family members and friends have told the Caymanian Compass that she had previously been threatened and followed by a former boyfriend. Police did not provide any further information on the matter.  

Kerran Baker’s mother and father literally begged on Thursday for anyone with information as to their missing daughter’s whereabouts to come forward.  

The missing woman’s mother, Sandra Anthony, said the last time she heard from Kerran was around 5pm Saturday when her daughter phoned to tell her she had wired some money to Jamaica. 


RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones, left, talks to Kerran Baker’s dad, Wilmot Anthony, on Saturday about search plans. – Photo: Brent Fuller

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