The two-thirds rule

I notice that in a recent letter on the 2009 constitution Messrs Truman Bodden and John McLean state the following:

“A vote of no confidence to remove the premier and ministers is a simple majority in T&C (nine out of 10 backbenchers) and most other Commonwealth countries on the Westminster system. After an increase of ministers to six (and the premier) in Cayman Cabinet, it will take two thirds (ie. 12 ) MLA’s votes to remove a government but there are only 11 backbenchers. Therefore a Minister must vote no confidence in himself to pass a no confidence vote. In practice a Cayman Government cannot be removed. So much for democracy!”

This matter was considered at length in the second round of the negotiations for the constitution, and these considerations can be found in the recorded transcript on… the government website through various links quite easily. Those wishing to find out exactly what was discussed and by whom should inspect pages 254 to 260 of the record of this second round of negotiations at the Westin in January 2009. What was arrived at appeared reasonable to the active parties to the negotiations, as can be seen by inspection.

Furthermore, the simple majority cited for Turks and Caicos is a feature not only of their recently amended constitution but of their 2006 constitution as well.

Reverend Nicholas Sykes

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