Chisholms benefit from FC Intl lessons

Few football camps stay with kids beyond September. One of the exceptions is the annual summer offering from FC International.

According to Noel Chisholm, his son Alejandro has gained much from the experience. The 15 year-old has gone on to the US and is making strides in the sport in the Tampa area.

Chisholm, who was born and raised in George Town, states the camp imparted a sense of maturity and understanding on his son.

“Ali, as we call him, is going to Wesley Chapel high school in Tampa,” Chisholm said.

“In the States he’s been playing football on the school’s junior and senior varsity teams. In addition he also plays for a local club on their Under-15 and Under-17 squads.

“I can honestly say that the camp had a positive influence on him. It allowed him to meet older people who were successful. He learned how to interact with people with many different backgrounds. He learned that football can take him far and that education is important.”

Alejandro attended the FC International camps for a number of years prior to heading out to Tampa. In that time he worked extensively with camp technical director Elbert McLean (known for his work as Bodden Town football club technical director) and FC International president Kennedy Ebanks.

One of the camps Alejandro attended was the annual George Town offering. This year the camp will once again take place at the TE McField Sports Centre (known as the Annex). The days for the camp are 15-19 August from 8.30am to roughly 1pm daily. The targeted group is boys and girls aged 6-16. A number of community figures are expected to serve as guest speakers in businessmen Renard Moxam and Lenny Hew, Director of Northward Prison Dwight Scott and George Town MLA Ellio Solomon.

Ebanks states Alejandro is a prime example that the camp goes beyond football.

“Ali is a good young man who did well at our camps,” Ebanks said.

“He had a good attitude and showed great potential. It is with great joy that we see Ali chasing an education and his football aspirations abroad. Personally it is touching to know that our efforts inspired him to go after his dreams.

“As I’ve said to you many times, we are a community-minded football organization. Ali’s progress is encouraging because the kids are seeing there is more to life 
than football.”

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