Police: Kerran investigation will continue

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers investigating the disappearance of a missing nurse said this week that they are by no means finished with their case.

However, supervising detectives said officers are still at a loss to determine 25-year-old Kerran Natalee Baker’s whereabouts since she disappeared on Saturday, 30 July.

Ms Baker’s family is still in Cayman awaiting word of what happened to their daughter and sister.

Evidence recovered last week during the search for Ms Baker in the Pedro St. James Castle area has not been of any assistance to that investigation, Royal Cayman Islands Police said.

Police initially said a substance resembling blood was found on some rocks near the seaside in the Pedro area some distance from where Ms Baker’s car was found on 1 August.

“We did receive the analysis of the stains we collected … and it was proven that it is not blood content,” RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden said.

Ms Baker disappeared sometime after 7pm on Saturday, 30 July, and has not been heard from since, according to police. A friend of Kerran’s found bags of groceries and a handbag that had been left on the counter in her Bodden Town home the evening of 31 July, leading police to start an investigation into the Jamaican woman’s whereabouts.

Another possible key piece of evidence, papers found last Sunday evening in the area near where Ms Baker’s Honda was discovered, has been recovered by police and is being processed, Mr. Bodden said.

Superintendent Bodden said police were now working on tracing BlackBerry instant messages that went back and forth between Ms Baker’s phone and others in the day or so leading up to her disappearance.

“There are many individuals in the Cayman Islands’ community and possibly in Jamaica that can provide us with relevant information to at least try to find out what has happened with Kerran, especially on Saturday (30 July),” Mr. Bodden said.

Police have little clue as to what happened to the missing woman after she was spotted by a CCTV camera leaving the Fosters airport grocery store that Saturday night.

Reported sightings of Ms Baker’s Honda in the Lower Valley area and in Savannah have not been 
confirmed by police.

RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones said tracing BBM instant messages is not as easy as tracing a phone call or text message, and indicated this has caused investigators some problems.

“It’s not just a simple flick of the switch and we can get all the information that we need,” Mr. Jones said. “Getting any detail of BBM messages is particularly problematic.”

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the police information line at 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers 
at 800-8477.


  1. What does the police mean problematic in retrieving instant messaging from Kerry’s blackberry?
    absolute nonsense!
    THIS IS A POLICE INVESTIGATION! No sevice company can object to a police investigation looking into the history of her blackberry.

    I think they are trying to find excuses for their incompetence.
    The blackberry should have been the first phase of the investigation NOT THE LAST! tHEY PERHAPS WOUL HAVE FOUND HER ALIVE.

  2. WHY HAVE THEY NOT OPENED THE TOPS OF GRAVES OR CHECKED FOR FRESH CEMENT AT THE CEMETARY? She could be placed in one of them. Ask the grave diggers if anyone recently requested hem to dig a hole or a grave?
    Contact all vessels entering the country if they saw anything fishy going on. Recently in Florida this week the body of a person was washed ashore. HAVE THE RCIP CHECKED TO SEE IF IT IS KERRY’S BODY She could have been taken to US waters and thrown overboard. This was a planned crime anything is possible and police CANNOT RULE OUT ANYTHING. Is the FBI or Jamaican Authorities being alerted to put a tail on the boyfriend businessman if he should board a flight to the US, Canada, Jamaica or other island? Is anyone now following him to see where he comes and goes. Has he hidden her somewhere underground inside one of his properties? under a basement somewhere? Did the police confiscate the business man’s blackberry and his telephone and checked messages on his business phone. If those records are cleaned out then he is hiding something. Check his service companies for his phone and blackberry to see if he spoke to her and what was said. God god the US police were looking for a trio crime gang 3 siblings this week and withing a couple of days they had them caught. The Dougherty kids bank robbers shooters at police have been caught! The US has 300 million people, Cayman has only 50,000! It is a disgrace that the police can not solve these crimes in a small island such as this one. McKeeva Bush will make it worst with the influx in immigration he has planned to ruin the country. This young lady Kerry was surrounded with friends and not one of them is pleading for her return, not one of them is talkin? Either they are party to this crime or they know she left town or is hiding or something.

  3. The first paragraph of the article: if the police really did such a statement,what was the purpose of it? Did anyone expect missing person case finished in 10 days?

  4. Detective Marlon Bodden says RCIP is frustrated with the slow response from the phone companies in providing to them the blackberry and phone records! I thought I heard it all.
    FYI This is a police investigation it was a missing person now a Homicide as Firey reminded us a few days ago!
    Is the Cayman Islandss Police aware that they have the authority to enter a place of business with a Police warrant granted them within an hour to demand phone records or anything else to find a missing person? And real police DO NOT LEAVE THERE WITHOUT THE RECORDS! There is no such thing as waiting for records. You are the Law has the guilty party now infiltrated the phone companies threatening them Well its because you gave them a whopping 10 days to do this. Should have been done on Day ‘ONE.

  5. Why are the dogs not searching CAYMAN BRAC AND LITTLE CAYMAN? Rumor has it a pretty girl arrived in CBrac the same day Kerry was reported missing. Ssmeone seems to believe it fits her description.

  6. Right, let’s get the police dogs onto the Brac and say to them – go find the pretty girl. Now, how many pretty girls do you think there might be on the Brac?

    As for phone records – Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is operated by Research in Motion (RIM) which is based in Canada – not the local phone company. makes life a little more difficult when you don’t have jurisdiction. Twitter is based in california and you don’t get the time of day out of them without a court order.

    Any more brilliant ideas Dubai… I am sure Marlon and john will be waiting with baited breath for your next pronouncements. In fact, step aside Commish Baines, Dubai is de man………

  7. and Vietnam: You can be deputy Commish of Police and you an’ good old Dubai can sit on the porch and run the whole shooting match over a beer or two while playing dominoes

  8. 1.No force entry in the house and no things in disarray except for grocery items – possible scenario a. the suspect is known to the victim b. the victim just arrived in the house and left immediately by force (grocery in disarray), c. Alleged crime did not happened inside house.

    2. Car found at Pedro Castle intact with key tossed in the surrounding possible scenario a. crime did not happened inside the car, b. no crime in Pedro Castle either, c. the victim would not tossed her own car key.

    My unsolicited conclusion – The crime happened somewhere else in Cayman Islands but definitely not in her house and Pedro Castle surroundings. She left the house by force (because of disarray grocery) and therefore there is resistance on her side, this is impossible for her to travel outside Cayman. Considering the complication of scenario the suspect is more than one, there have to be a driver and the other is on backseat holding the victim. The suspect is known to the victim and so it’s easy to streamline, we can say all known people to her are suspects and can be easily pinpointed by interrogation.

  9. spider: I am not kidding I am just pointing out the ludicrous comments made on here by people who have simply no idea what they are talking about and are inciting, I trust inadvertently, ill feelings towards the RCIPS. If you care to reward my posts I have said that ill informed comment is what hurts the family.

    DonQuijote: Probably the most reasonable post I have read on these threads for sometime. I would agree FROM WHAT WE KNOW it seems that Miss Baker’s disappearance is either with her agreement for whatever reason (and only by examining her background can that be ascertained) or without her agreement.

    If it is the latter it is either someone she knows or not. More likely it is the former and I am sure that the RCIPS will be looking very closely at everyone who is known to her in every capacity. Clearly, these inquiries are very sensitive and will require tact, diplomacy and time. The law simply does not allow that all her associates are rounded up and ‘interrogated’.

    I know from personal experience that obtaining data from a third party (internet service provider, mobile phone company, etc.) is very difficult which, in the case of Cayman is exacerbated by not having much of the data on hand and available on the islands.

    Another issue with an investigation in Cayman is that the RCIPS do not have direct access to forensic facilities. They have the ability to gather forensic evidence and have some on-island expertise in fingerprints and rudimentary science. For everything else they will need to send items away to be examined which takes a considerable amount of time (as it did to find the ‘blood trace’ wasn’t blood at all).

    Finally, as par of any major enquiry there will be a policy book where the senior investigating officers will write down what they decide to do and what they decide not to pursue. That document will also have a media policy which will stipulate what will be released and what will not – and I would surmise that only those facts that the RCIPS need to release for operational reasons and to make sure the matter remains in the public mind.

    This policy book, should there be any issue with the investigation, will be the first port of call for the subsequent enquiry.

    I would urge that people do not make up ludicrous stories or make suggestions that cannot be carried out as this sets some of the public against the police at a time when everyone must be working TOGETHER to find this girl.

  10. Beachbum: I agree with you RCIP shouldn’t be blamed. This case is well planned with most evidenced concealed and misleading. The cadaver is the missing link but i have a gut feeling that it’s hidden in a private place like suspect’s backyard, house garage, surrounding, etc.

  11. DonQ

    If you take the Beachbum’s comments at face values based on his vast experience, he is technically correct.

    What he is saying is that no direct evidence has yet turned up that a murder has been committed.

    He has also inferred that alternative scenarios of a voluntary disappearance (most unlikely) or a kidnapping/hostage situation (a suggestion made by the woman’s own sister as well)in which Kerran is being held alive by her abductor(s).

    If this had been a bigger country than the Cayman Islands, any of these scenarios, as unlikely as they are, would be more possible but not even in a country the size of Jamaica, would Kerran’s disapperance be considered anything less than a likely murder, with the body being disposed of in an untraceable manner.

    Even as of now, the RCIPS have not announced that they are treating this as a crime; they give all indications that they are conducting a ‘missing person’ investigation, not a criminal investigation.

    This is a classic case of the difference between British and Caribbean police culture and the RCIPS cannot be blamed for this; this is the policy under which they operate.

    But tell me, in which other Caribbean island would this still be considered anything less than a criminal investigation by now, given Caribbean culture ?

    Would the police in Jamaica or Trinidad still be wasting time looking for a living, missing person or would they by now, be trying to locate a dead body and its killers ?

    This might sound like a heartless judgement but until and unless the RCIPS turn up more evidence of an actual crime having been committed, this might never become a criminal investigation and will remain a ‘missing person’ investigation and thus an eternal mystery.

    Or unless someone who knows exactly what has happened to Kerran comes forward.

    I am totally convinced that some of the people closest to Kerran knows exactly what has happened to her, that is if they themselves were not directly involved but until a criminal investigation is officially started, they have absolutely nothing to fear from the RCIPS.

  12. If an ordinary JP signed a warrant for the arrest of the Hon. Justice Henderson. Who is Digicel that the RCIP have not gotten a signed Police warrant to SEARCH DIGICEL’S BLACKBERRY RECORDS!
    RCIP you need to really check your Police procedures, they are not up to standard by any means.

  13. Comm. Baines

  14. Supt. John Jones WHERE IS THE WARRANT that gives you and your RCIP detectives the power to enter DIGICEL premises and SEARCH THEIR BLACKBERRY PHONE RECORDS?
    Or you didn’t know that was also a police procedure?
    Are you scared of the Digicel owner, he’s not the governor you know!

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