Commandos do Glee

These Glee-ful troops have been keeping
their spirits up in Afghanistan by producing their very own pop video.  Hilarious footage of the soldiers’ rendition
of one of Glee’s most famous songs has attracted thousands of views online.  

First, the DIY music video cuts to a host
of squaddies bobbing up and down in the shower as they sing each line of
classic Don’t Stop Believin’.  

But then it’s off to the front line where
soldiers Gaz and Ab appear a little too relaxed on sentry duty — singing the
tune down the phone to base.  

Taylor then appears in shot playing guitar
on a broom and pals Gibbo and Regan don’t break a sweat as they work out and
belt out the words at the same time.  

It gets a little too close and personal
when the camera crew drop in on Reny who can be found singing while on the
toilet, reading a magazine.  

The hit was filmed by members of 7 Commando
battery, 29 Commando. 

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