Ex-police inspector pleads to ‘insulting modesty’

Former Royal Cayman Islands Police Inspector
Anthony White pleaded guilty Monday to ‘insulting
the modesty of a woman’.  

The 47-year-old White, who left the police
service last year for unspecified reasons, was arrested on Friday, 5 August in
connection with the case. He was formally charged a week later.  

In court Monday, White was given a $100 fine and Magistrate Valdis
Foldats agreed not to record the conviction on the former inspector’s

According to the Cayman Islands Penal Code,
the charge of insulting the modesty of a woman involves “a person who, with
intent to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any word, makes any sound or
gesture or exhibits any object intending that such world or sound shall be
heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen by such woman, or intrudes
upon the privacy of such woman, is guilty of an offence and liable to
imprisonment for three years”. 

White was the one-time head of the RCIPS
training unit. He also taught criminology classes at the University College of
the Cayman Islands and holds a PhD criminology.  

He now lives in Michigan, USA. 

Attempts by the Caymanian Compass to
contact the former inspector for comment earlier this month were not returned.  

A police spokesperson said White’s decision
to leave the police service last year had nothing to do with the current
investigation against him. 



  1. This law is from the 1900’s. Time for it to go too. It’s discriminary against females. Do you have a law for insulting the modesty of a male? No, of course not. If any male insults me, I’m not going to stand there defenceless, batting my eyelashes and blushing. I’ll stand up for myself and give him a piece of my mind. And report him to the police if he sexually assaults me. But to insult my modesty ? Really — you’ve got to be kidding!!!

  2. Surely there must be something else in British law with whichhe could have been charged that would have excited we Victorian moralists. Good thing there was no attempt to stimulate arousal which is a much more serious violation of the law.

  3. No conviction even in an open and shut case
    Women of Cayman, you better elect women to represent you because these men in charge are a huge disappointment.

    God bless the women of Cayman.

    If he was a Caymanian RCIP whether former or current he would have his name dragged through the Mud and given a negative police record.

    We now have Law abiding citizens fire arms being taken away for no reason, this is discremination as Mr. Denny Warren is being treated DIFFERENT from other law abiding citizens with the right to hold a license for his firearms kept in his household for hunting.


    Go for it boy! Fight for your right, take it to the privy council if you have to too!

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