Crown’s first witness called in murder trial of Devon Anglin

Andy Barnes named Devon Anglin, 25, as the person who fired gunshots in the forecourt of the Hell Esso gas station on the night of 15 February, 2010. One of those shots killed 4-year old Jeremiah Barnes, who was in the back seat of the car Mr. Barnes had driven into the station to get fuel.

Mr. Barnes, 31, said he was driving a left-hand drive Chevy Malibu, with his wife in the front passenger seat and their two boys in the back seat. After he got gas and then went into the retail section of the station for phone credit, he came back out and got into the car.

He said he heard a car coming at a fast pace, saw it and recognised it as a grey Honda Accord belonging to someone he knew. He said the car flew across the gas station, then turned and came in the exit. It went around the back of the station. Then he saw a person appear from the corner of the building, a male with a hood on top of his head. He had a handkerchief around his neck and he was trying to cover his face with it – using one hand to pull it up and holding a gun with the other hand.

Mr. Barnes said he saw the person’s whole face and after the handkerchief was pulled up across the person’s nose, he still saw the eyes. The person had one bad eye, a crossed-eye.

Mr. Barnes told the court it was Devon Anglin, whom he had known “all my life”. They used to be friends and lived in the same neighbourhood, but Mr. Barnes had moved to another area of West Bay in 2006.

After explaining what had happened during the shooting, Mr. Barnes was shown footage from the station’s CCTV system and asked to comment as prosecutor Andrew Radcliffe asked the systems operator to stop the recording at various frames.

Justice Howard Cooke, who is hearing the matter without a jury, asked defence attorney John Ryder if there was any issue with showing the CCTV in evidence. Mr. Ryder said the defence accepted that it was a faithful recording of the incident.

Mr. Barnes also described an incident between him and Devon Anglin some two weeks before the fatal shooting.

He was scheduled to be cross-examined on Tuesday.

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