New doctors join George Town medical practice

Two new doctors, Dr. Bella Carolina Beraha and Dr. Lynn Dawber, have joined Dr. John Addleson’s practice at Pasadora Place on Smith Road, George Town. 

Dr. Beraha, from Venezuela, who practises internal medicine, joined the team in June, while GP Dr. Dawber, from South Africa, came on board in July. 

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1976, Dr. Beraha said her strongest influence for pursuing a career in the medical field was her father, a surgeon who worked for more than 30 years in Venezuela.  

She attended medical school in at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and graduated in the top 10 per cent percent of her class.  

Due to the political turmoil at the time in Venezuela, she moved to the USA and completed her board examinations in Florida, consistently scoring above the 90th percentile.  

She was accepted into the renowned Cleveland Clinic Florida Internal Medicine Residency, which she completed in 2006. Immediately after, she went on to work as a full time hospitalist for the Memorial Healthcare System at its main hospital, the Memorial Regional, a 700+ bed referral centre.  

During those five years, she gained experience and shaped her interests in areas such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer management, pre-operative management, among others. Noting the great impact obesity played in almost all of these problems, she said she was compelled to look for a way to help be part of the solution.  

After extensive research of weight-loss methods, she found a promising lead – a book by Dr. ATW Simeons titled Pounds and Inches in which the hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet is thoroughly examined.  

This seemed like a innovative approach, although she later learned Dr. Simeons practised this method back in the 1950s. She found Dr. Daniel Belluscio, an Argentinean who is the current expert in the method, and who trained with the understudies of Dr. Simeons. 

Dr. Beraha travelled to Argentina and participated in an in-depth seminar to learn about this weight-loss method. After participating in successful cases of this diet, she was convinced of the validity of this system.  

To strengthen her conviction, she underwent the hCG diet herself, and lost 12 pounds in 21 days with no hunger and no side effects, she said. This experience reshaped her career focus towards helping overweight patients.  

Already, 12 patients have signed up to undergo the hCG diet under her care at the practice in Pasadora Place. 

Dr. Beraha, who speaks Spanish and English, is married to an architect and has three young children. “We were looking for a change of pace, a nice environment to bring up kids, where we could be closer as a family,” she said. A friend invited the family to visit Cayman and they immediately loved it. 

She said that by moving to Cayman, she hopes to achieve personal and professional success, bringing up a happy and healthy family while continuing her work to help people with chronic diseases. 

Dr. Lynn Dawber 

South African Dr. Dawber, from Port Elizabeth, studied medicine at the University of the Free State and graduated in 2002.  

In 2003 and 2004, she completed her internship and community service in South Africa, focusing on gynaecology, surgery and paediatrics. She also obtained her post-graduate diploma in obstetrics from the University of South Africa, as well as her Fellowship by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. 

Taking some time off in 2004 to travel, Dr Dawber headed to New Zealand for a year where she met her husband. They were married and now have two young children. The family was familiar with Cayman because Dr. Dawber’s sister, massage therapist Lana Cloete, has lived on Grand Cayman for five years.  

While in New Zealand, Dr. Dawber worked as a general practitioner in a large and busy practice. 

Her main areas of interest include women’s health – not only the obstetrics and gynaecological side, but in particular, mental health issues. Dr. Dawber said she has a special interest in the support and empowerment of women. 

Preventative health is another of her passions as she said she derives great satisfaction from empowering people to take charge of their health, encouraging them to overcome habits like smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise. Working alongside parents to have healthier children is extremely important to her. 

Mental health is also a keen interest for Dr. Dawber. She takes special interest in anxiety and depression disorders and loves seeing patients deal with these challenges, such as new mothers who overcome post-partum depression after counselling and medication. 

Dr. Dawber’s husband is a councillor and has had a huge role in developing her love for healthy body, mind and soul, she said. 

“I’m adjusting to Cayman. I’m getting used to the heat – it’s snowing where I’m from at the moment,” said Dr. Dawber. 


Dr. Bella Carolina Beraha, left, and Dr. Lynn Dawber have joined Dr. John Addleson’s practice. – PHOTO: NORMA CONNOLLY

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