British invasion promises
 big laughs in George Town


The comedy scene has taken off in the Cayman Islands so well in the past year that some of the most popular acts in the United Kingdom are itching to get a chance to emulate the Americans in George Town. 

Started last October by Rod Jefferson and Brad Watts who formed Executive Class Entertainment, the monthly Laughter Lounge Comedy nights have become a firm fixture for locals. Run every second Friday and Saturday night of the month, they started at Margaritaville and moved to the present location of The Attic in Queens Gate.  

The Americans who have spread their hilarity include Damon Williams, Gary Owens, Tony Roberts and Leon Rogers, all of whom have worked with the likes of Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock. 


The British are coming 

On the strength of how well the Americans are doing, Jefferson and Watts intend to bring over British acts in the new year.  

“We hope to if we can find enough sponsors,” Jefferson says. “We are starting to work on a comedy festival in January. We are partnering with a Chicago radio station to promote the event in Chicago. Damon Williams will be bringing celebrities and his friends to host events throughout the week.” 

The promoters will soon be celebrating the first anniversary of Laughter Lounge. “We never expected the amazing feedback that we are getting from the fans of the show. It has been rather difficult trying to find a venue to accommodate everyone.  

“Bringing British acts will be a first for Executive Class Entertainment, so we are hoping to get a lot of feedback from the public.” 

The Cayman Rugby Association is interested in supporting the British comedy nights. “It all depends on how the public reacts to the first show,” says Jefferson.  

Those interested in performing in Cayman include Geoff Schumann, who has a huge following. He has just returned from four nights performing for British army troops in Cyprus which was very successful. Miles Crawford of the Joke Klub, who is a promoter as well as an entertainer, is keen to come over too.  

First to perform on the first British show will be Roger D and Rudi Lickwood, who between them brought out the celebrated DVD Big Man Issues.  

Lickwood hosts his own monthly show at the Heritage Inn in Cricklewood, northwest London, every month. Roger D says: “Performing in the Cayman Islands really appeals to me. There are lots of British and Europeans who would appreciate our style of humour and the Americans would still enjoy it because our material has a global appeal. 

“Rudi and I have a strong interest in sport so it won’t be difficult to make the rugby crowd laugh.” 

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