Caymanian attorney moves on to establish own practice

Local attorney Irvin Banks is setting up his own practice after several years with Stuart Walker Hersant.

Mr. Banks said there is a growing market for attorneys who are in a position to be more flexible with their hourly rates because of lower overhead costs.

For example, he said civil cases involving disputes of up to $20,000 can be settled in Summary Court. But this process is under-used, he opined, “because it is not financially feasible for most attorneys to assist clients in pursuing their claims in this lower court.”

Called to the bar in 2003, Mr. Banks has dealt with criminal cases, including those relying on legal aid, as well as civil matters such as divorce and family law, landlord and tenant disputes, employment and insurance issues and immigration appeals.

Mr. Banks said he had enjoyed his time at Stuart and will continue a relationship with the firm through visitation and library rights.

Mr. Banks may be contacted at 325-6395.

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