Capturing the sun’s energy

Watler’s Metal Products is offering new products to the community by way of capturing renewable energy from the sun using solar panels and harvesting rain water from the roof top.

According to Watler’s Metal Roofing owner Bob Watler, installing the thin solar panels into the roofing to capture energy from the sun and converting it to electricity can drastically lower electrical costs when used in conjunction with power provided by Caribbean Utilities Company.

“This is the way to go as far as cutting down on high electricity and water bills in Cayman today,” said Mr. Watler, who sees the system as a way going forward for sustainable energy.

Even Caribbean Utilities representative Cindy Powell was on hand to witness the new type of solar technology for commercial and residential metal roofing, which she remarked was amazing.

Solar panels readied

For the past three days, metal roofing and guttering Englert representatives out of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, have been working with Mr. Watler’s employees, installing the thin film solar panels, which come in 14-foot or 9-foot lengths into standing seam metal roofing to be installed in the first home at Sunrise Landing.

Englert representative Jerry Heininger said, “The energy that is produced by these panels will help to supplement usage that is now being used from CUC.

“It may not supply everything, but it will supply part of the energy needs depending on roof size and amount of panel used to cover a portion of the roof.

“It’s going to benefit CUC by helping them to produce renewable energy, so if they’re trying to produce a certain amount of renewable energy or percentage of energy that they send out, this will help them because the energy that they produce can go back into their system, so this actually provides energy back to CUC,” said Mr. Heininger.

Besides saving you money on your electrical bill, Mr. Heininger said, it is good for the environment because it is not using fossil fuels, burning coal or nuclear power. It is using free energy from the sun.

The system is also guaranteed in the next 25 years to be producing 80 percent of its current energy load, and even if you have to change the system, it is like any other electronics, which get updated to a newer model because technology is changing every day, stated Mr. Heininger.

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