Hurlston heads Royal society


John Lemuel Hurlston is the new honourary representative for the Royal Commonwealth Society in the Cayman Islands. His role is honourary head of the organisation.  

“In larger countries, the RCS is often represented by a branch organisation of volunteers, while in smaller ones such as Cayman, the RCS is represented by an honourary representative such as myself. I can, however, recruit volunteers to assist, and I do plan on doing just that,” he said. 

“I consider it an honour and privilege to represent the Cayman Islands in this voluntary capacity and look forward to promoting the aims and objectives of the Society in a successful manner,” Mr. Hurlston said.  

“I am particularly keen to develop the Commonwealth Young Leaders Network, a programme to build leadership, advocacy and entrepreneurial skills amongst young people”. 



About the Society 


Anyone can join the Society and participate in any event they are qualified for, as some events are restricted to citizens of Commonwealth member countries, for example. On the second Monday in March there is a special church service held in celebration of the Commonwealth Society. There will be a message from Her Majesty the Queen, which will be read by the Governor. At the service, representatives of different countries come and have the opportunity to wear their native attire. 

Schools can plan to arrange for a day, to celebrate the Commonwealth. There is also a Commonwealth Society essay competition. It used to be a written competition, but now it’s Internet-based. For that reason, Cayman dropped out. But Mr. Hurlston said, “I’m trying to get Cayman back in by reintroducing it online. In addition to catering to primary Commonwealth activities, I would like to bring them into the university.”  



Education charity 


The Royal Commonwealth Society is an education charity with a wide portfolio of projects that seek to engage people, especially young people, in global affairs and develop their skills through a number of different schemes, according to its website. The RCS has a strong relationship with schools, a branch network across the UK and the world, a Royal Charter and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as patron, according to the website.  

The RCS has a worldwide network linked to more honourary representatives in 46 countries. The organisation is more than 100 years old.  



Honouring the Queen 

Since the Queen is the Head of the Commonwealth, in honour of her, the organisation would like to gather contributions from people all over the world about their lives and experiences. The items that are entered will be placed in the Jubilee Time Capsule.  

For example, Mr. Hurlston shared his stories in a video presentation about Hurricane Ivan and the visit of the Queen in 1994. The entries will be presented to the Queen on her anniversary. 

The Diamond Jubilee is the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s II’s reign and will be observed next year.  


For more information, call 949-5511 or visit  


  1. Well done, Mr Hurlston. This is an organisation which offers great possibilities to young Caymanians to develop themselves and work for the common good. Best of luck.

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