Cop impersonator guilty of attempted murder


A man who police said posed as a cop before stabbing a man outside an elevator at a George Town resort/apartment complex was convicted of attempted murder on Monday afternoon.  

A seven-person jury deliberated for about two hours before unanimously finding Carlney Rashad Campbell guilty of stabbing Josue Morales-Almendarez in the head and neck at Treasure Island on 26 May, 2009.  

Sentencing for Campbell was scheduled for 30 September.  

Mr. Morales-Almendarez told the court that he had spotted his attacker at around 5pm that day outside the resort complex. He said the man was dressed in blue clothing with ‘police’ written in small white letters on the one-piece overall he wore.  

The victim said he was accosted when he exited the elevator at the complex by the man wearing what he believed to be the uniform, who held a kitchen knife to the man’s side telling him “don’t move”.  

During the ensuing struggle, Mr. Morales-Almendarez said his attacker told him: “I’m sorry man, but somebody paid me to do it”.  

Senior Crown Counsel John Masters, who prosecuted the case, said he believed based on the evidence presented that Campbell wasn’t making that up.  

“It was an attempted hit, there’s no doubt it was a hit,” Mr. Masters said.  

However, prosecutors also said Campbell got the wrong guy and Mr. Morales-Almendarez was not the intended target of the attack. It was not stated who may have been the target or who might have hired Campbell.  

The victim received cuts to his hand, head and neck during the struggle, according to previous court testimony and lost “huge amounts of blood”, prosecutors said. He was also bitten on the arm during the struggle, the court heard.  

Despite being hurt, the victim was able to give the plate number of the car that left the attack scene. There was one incorrect digit in the plate number given, but police eventually tracked the car to an address and the vehicle was said to belong to a friend of Campbell’s.  

According to previous court reports, the premises where the car was found were searched and a pair of blue coveralls was found.  

DNA samples taken from a bite mark on Mr. Morales-Almendarez’s arm were tested and did not exclude Campbell as a suspect.  

Campbell was represented at the trial by attorney Nicola Moore of Priestley’s. Ms Moore said Tuesday that she was uncertain whether Campbell would appeal the guilty verdict. 


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