Breach means loss of man’s bail


A defendant recently acquitted of murder charges has found himself in trouble with the law again leading to his being incarcerated until his trial on other charges. 

Jose Sanchez received bail from custody after he and two other men were found not guilty of the murder of Alrick Peddie.  

As a result he was admitted to bail on the condition that he would adhere to a curfew from 6am to 6pm.  

Sanchez was also ordered to live with his godmother in Savannah as part of his bail conditions, while he awaited trial on other charges. 

Police picked up the defendant on West Bay Road at around 11pm. 

His attorney told the court that it was a matter of his defendant going to have a meal with his mother in 
West Bay.  

He said his client’s mother was unable to drop him home, so Sanchez got a ride with one of his friends, who decided to stop for some food and ended up staying too long. He asked the court to consider making an order for Sanchez to be fitted with an ankle bracelet and for him to stay with his mother, where there would be more supervision. 

However, Justice Alexander Henderson disagreed, telling the court, “In my view, unless their are extraordinary circumstances, a person who breeches bail should be incarcerated until trial.” 

Jose Sanchez was then committed to custody, where he will remain until his trial on charges in the Summary Court.  

He will return to court on Friday, 
26 August. 

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