Don’t let your work-out be washed out by rainy days


What does a rainy day, or several of them,
do to your exercise routine?

There are those triumphant fitness buffs
who jog in the rain along South Sound – after work, no less! Getting motivated
to run in the rain is a matter of attitude, and hat’s off to rainy day joggers.

It’s attitude that determines how you
handle a rainy situation and how you allow weather to have an effect. 

For example, at The Maritimes, on the east
coast of Canada, people are out walking and biking on a sunny day. The whole
town is seen out, knowing that bad weather can, and most certainly will, blow
in at any time. Living in the Caribbean, we don’t need to be as attentive, but
rainy weather can certainly impact your fitness routine.

For those of you fair weather friends who
opt for indoor activity during rainy days, a few in-house activities can help
you feel positive, in control, fitness minded and flexible. Your exercise
programme just needs to switch gears with new options.

Yoga, Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling
require little equipment and good instruction and are readily available in
Cayman. Yoga and Pilates build core strength, tone muscles, increase balance
and ensure flexibility. The Yamuna Body Rolling Ball has the added feature of
acting as a semi-self massage treatment to release pain and restore energy.

Wii devices are household items in many
homes and are a likely fun option. Indoor walking CDs are another routine
enjoyed by many people, as are fitness videos.

You can also brush the cobwebs from your
Stair Master, stationery bicycle or treadmill and make your own at-home
routine, which was the original plan, after all. Admit it, you bought that
equipment for rainy days.

Some people like to dance.. and dancing is
fun, stress releasing and helps get energy moving. Pump up your favourite tunes
and get your feet and hips moving. Alone, with your partner or in an at-home
dance party, dancing evokes feelings of optimism, increases heart rate and
helps you break a sweat.

Basic housework can become a physical
activity. Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and other jobs engage muscles, demands
balance an dexterity and, combined with proper breathing, can give your
abdominals a good session. Pull your belly in for all your moves.

For those of you for whom a rainy day
signifies time on the couch with a book or in bed napping, there’s nothing
wrong with that, from a healthy-lifestyle perspective. Taking the opportunity
to slow down, rest and enjoy ‘down time’ is essential to good health. 

In northern climates, the seasons dictate
how much time people spend inside, winter hibernation and chilly days offering
cessation from activity. In Cayman’s year-round, sunny weather trends, rainy
days may just be what you need to rest. Whatever you choose, keep your attitude

For more information on healthy living
including yoga, Pilates or Yamuna Body Rolling, write to [email protected]


running in the rain

Running in the rain is all a matter of attitude. PHOTO: FILE

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