Lion fish cleaning course on Friday

A session on how to clean and prepare lion fish is scheduled for Friday, 26 August.

The invasive creature has a potentially devastating effect on Cayman’s underwater world and efforts are being made to mitigate the negative force, one being by encouraging people to put the fish on restaurant menus as it is considered to be good eating. Lion fish is being presented as a delicious product which can enhance menus as well as taking the rapacious breeder and eater out of Cayman’s sensitive oceanscape.

To that end, Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink hosts a cleaning demonstration and tasting from 9am to 10.30am, coinciding with the Cayman Islands Tourism Association’s latest monthly restaurant meeting.

“Please bring your chefs along as well to get them acquainted with this product,” urged the Cayman Islands Tourism Association in an email to its membership.

“[The association] is working on a new initiative with Fosters Food Fair to create a regular hunt schedule which supplies Fosters with fish. We are working with Fosters to get the fish in their stores regularly in order to achieve the accessibility as well as consumer demand,” the group wrote.

For affiliated members, further information and additions to the agenda should be addressed either to restaurant directors Markus Mueri or Steven Hayes.

There are a series of lion fish hunts and cookouts in the planning stages from various local dive providers and more information will be forthcoming from the association in due course.

Contact the association on [email protected]

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