Motorised beer cooler driver loses licence

A man who turned a drinks cooler into a motorised vehicle has lost his licence after being stopped for drink-driving. Chris Petrie, 23, bought the scooter on the
internet for $630 (£404). He apparently decided to sample a few beers
while assembling it before driving it home, according to a local television
station. Petrie told Australian news channel Network
Ten: “By the time we built it, it was quite late so we thought we’d go for
a bit of a test run.” The revamped 50cc scooter features a cooler
box, which doubles up as a driver’s seat and is able to hold up to 48 bottles
of beer. He was pulled over by police and found to
be more than three times over the legal blood alcohol limit. Petrie was also charged with driving
without a licence. When asked in court if the cooler was fully
loaded, Petrie informed the judge that the scooter was packed with canned rum
and cokes. He has also been fined $500 (£320). 


  1. That’s what you get for innovative, cool, entrepreunurial thinking. Hardly worth it, is it?
    He’d be on benefits in the UK, be a mini-oligarch in Russia, and a National Hero in any sensible country.

  2. Thats why I drive a TANK … complete w/ a pretty barmaid and a retired cop on board to explain the situation to anyone crazy enough to pull us over after crushing a dozen tourists who most likely didnt buy any Tanzanite Jewelry in Georgetown anyways.

    May want to keep those Poodles inside too . Especially is they have goofy hair cuts.

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