Customs treats students

Eight students from high school and the University College of the Cayman Islands now know a bit more about how Government’s Customs Department works.

The students participated in the Government’s Summer Intern Programme.

The eight students had the opportunity to expand their educational background and learn how to work as a team in hopes of getting better prepared for the challenges of the working world.

The programme ran from 25 July through 19 August and the students participated in all Customs departments.

Roxanne Walton was assigned to courier; Alexander Smiley the preventive unit; Kenny Sitaram, the warehouse; Matthew Berry, the airport; Eddree Fisher, collections; Jonathan Jackson, K9 Unit; Herman Myrie, seaport; and Julissa Evila, parcel post.

Herman Myrie described his experience with Customs as, “an awesome learning experience. I have worked alongside a great team and I have learnt a lot in the short time that I have worked in this section, if given the opportunity I will definitely do it again.”

Assistant Collector Gregory Ebanks stated that he was, “so thankful for the assistance rendered by the summer intern programme. This was a good opportunity to occupy students and introduce them to the working environment. The assistance from this programme surely enabled us to carryout the duties more efficiently.”

A press release stated that the Customs Department was happy to give young Caymanians the opportunity to get a taste of the working world. The students were paid.

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