Island heritage focus of camp

This year’s Cayman National Cultural Foundation Summer Arts Camp was reminiscent of times past and sought to re-create some of the events that would normally occur when youngsters congregated In Mama’s Yard, as the camp was called. 

Traditional crafts, such as calavan making and thatch plaiting were taught, and youngsters eager to get involved were told stories sitting out in the yard. 

Other activities included the Cayman quadrille and learning to play the steel pan. The food served also maintained the theme and included porridge, a variety of local pastries and fruits and staples such as stewed conch. Fish and fritters, Johnnycakes and other local treats were also served. 

One of the highlights of camp was a beach picnic and catboat outing, where youngsters took turns in the catboat with Captain Kem Jackson.  

More than 80 campers participated and learned to perform, to build, to interact, to dance, and to sample a bit of the old Caymanian way of life. 

The two-week camp culminated on the final day with students hosting a performances and showcasing much of what they had done at camp. They performed the quadrille, read poems, told stories and held a steel pan jam.  

The popular event was supported by many sponsors in the community along with CNCF staff and parents of campers. 

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