New company hopes to clean up

Keeping Cayman’s beaches pristine is key to Cayman’s tourism product and a new company has been set up to do just that. 

Cayman Beach Cleaning is the brainchild of young Caymanian Devin Bodden, who has imported a high-tech piece of machinery called the Beach Tech Marina to the island to assist in the maintenance and cleaning of the sandy shores that make the islands world-famous. 

Mr. Bodden said the business had developed as a concept over several years. 

“I felt that the beaches really needed cleaning,” he said. “I used to play volleyball a lot with friends and we were always complaining about cutting our toes on glass and stuff. So I thought, why doesn’t someone clean the beach properly? 

“I had the idea and spent about five years working on it,” he said. “The machine, Beach Tech Marina, is a compact unit which does not need a tractor. It’s quiet, people call it cute and don’t mind seeing it on the beach and it really does do a good job. It can pick up little rocks, even coins, and cigarette butts. We picked up a pin last week.” 

World’s best beaches 

The German-made cleaner is specifically designed for small jobs and is capable of sifting sand finely enough to pick up pine needles and burr grass. It can clear ‘a good sized beach’ in around six hours, Mr. Bodden said. 

“I am working on a few resorts and provide services to events like volleyball championships and so on,” he said.  

“I was going to offer my services to the Beach Volleyball tournament but unfortunately the machine was in customs at the time. But I will offer my services to the next championships. 

“The machine is quite an investment; it is the number one beach cleaner at the moment,” he said. “I want to make a change in Cayman. People say how nice the beaches are; there are beaches elsewhere like Turks & Caicos which look really good and I would love to get our beaches looking like that. I have so many friends all over the world who come down, they love the island and beaches and I really want to make sure that we have the best beaches in the world.” 


The Beach Tech Marina is at the cutting edge of beach cleaning technology. – Photo: Submitted

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