Another man dead in 3rd WB shooting

WB Shooting Thatch Palm Villas Cayman

Another young man is dead of gunshot wounds in Grand Cayman’s West Bay district in the third killing to occur there since Tuesday. 
Witnesses reported several gunshots in the vicinity of the Thatch Palm Villas, which is located on Andersen Road just down the street from Ocean Pointe Villas. 
The shooting was reported just after 10pm Saturday. 
Royal Cayman Islands Police said they discovered a young man lying on the ground outside the complex when they arrived. He had no pulse was unresponsive, officers said. 
The victim in the incident was identified as Preston Rivers, 18, a recent John Gray High School graduate. 
One of the suspects involved was described as a male, 5’10” tall wearing a blue polo shirt with white stripes and a blue shirt covering his face.  No arrests were immediately reported. 
The shooting was also the second to occur within the past month in the Thatch Palm Villas area. In late August, a shotgun was fired into a small crowd of young people outside the apartment complex, injuring a teenager. 
According to witnesses in that attack, two masked men came from the bush near the apartments and fired into the crowd in the complex parking lot. 
It was not known if Saturday night’s killing was related to either the shootings earlier this week or the gunfire in August. 

Anyone with information about this latest shooting or either of the previous incidents from this past week can contact the RCIPS Murder Investigation Team at two mobile numbers: 926-1773 or 925-6761  



Thatch Palm Villas Cayman shooting

Medics respond to the third shooting in West Bay in the past week.
Dennie Warren Jr.

Preston Rivers WB shooting Cayman

Preston Rivers

WB shooting Thatch Palm Villas

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A relative of Saturday’s shooting victim is consoled by firefighters.
Dennie Warren Jr.

Anderson Road West Bay Shooting Thatch Palm Villas

Police at the scene of West Bay’s latest killing Saturday night.
Photo: Ben Maxwell
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  1. Crime is absolutely out of control in Cayman. and STILL no statement to the public from the Premier, the Legislative Assembly, the Governor or the Chief of Police. All of these closed door meetings are for the sake of publicity, but NO ACTION from the government, EVER!!! It is absolutely shameful.

    How many more people have to die before the government articulates and enacts an anti-crime strategy? How many residents have to move out of West Bay because it is no longer safe before the police increase patrols, arm officers, and reclaim the streets?


    Cobalt Coast resort is about 200 meters from the scene of this shooting. Does the government think tourists won’t know about this? It takes one guest to post this on Trip Advisor telling people there was a murder up the road, and people will stay away. Tourism is hurt, a local business is hurt, Cayman’s reputation is hurt. Does anyone care? Will anyone do anything to either solve this crime or prevent future crimes?

    Ocean Pointe Villas is a nice, upscale complex occupied by respectable citizens. This is the second shooting in two months within 100 meters of the complex. The good, honest people who live there are going to move, and rightfully so, because it’s simply no longer safe. Property values decrease, West Bay will get further characterised as a slum and a ghetto. The Premier represents West Bay, but does he even care?

    Please, MLA’s, Mr. Premier, Mr. Governor, if you are reading this, HELP US! Help the people! Keep us safe! Do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to get this crime problem turned around!!! So far you have completely and absolutely failed the people of Cayman. Please START TAKING ACTION TO FIX THE PROBLEM!

  2. I do NOT blame the MLA’s for this. They have done all that is in their power, they ALL came together for the first time, and gave the police money and paved the wave for the police to act, that is all the power they have.

    I blame the GOVERNOR and the COMMISSIONER as they are the only ones with the power to put a curfew in place and issue ALL police officers with weapons. They have sat by knowing that from the first one got shot that there would be more. The Governor has the responsibility for security of the people of the Cayman Islands and he is not doing his job.

    They have not lifted a finger and the rank and file police officers must be fuming.

    With it now reaching 3 in less than a week and not a peep from the Governor or the Commissioner, I am now convinced that this is a plot to allow Cayman to implode. The UK voted against the Cayman Islands in the FATF on OECD incident, and that didn’t shut the offshore down. So now they know that this will, if nothing is done. It’s the only logical reason that they would sit idly by and let this continue. Even though every nationality who lives in, and who loves Cayman, is crying for and begging them to help.

    I am demanding a RECALL of this Governor as he is useless and have failed in his duty to keep the people of the Cayman Islands secure. I am demanding the resignation of the commissioner, as he has the power and the weapons in at his disposal to protect his officers, and to allow them to carry out their sworn duty to protect and serve.

    As a former Police I can tell you that for years the RCIP has had enough weapons in its armoury to kill everyone in Cayman the Cayman Island in about an hour or less. They even have riot gear. Trust me they are well equipped. What they don’t have now is a leader.

    The rank and file can only do what they are told to do. Senior Officers can only hand down orders from the top. I know several of the Senior Caymanian Officers I know their attitude toward what is happening and without talking to them I can tell you they are fuming and want to get armed and take on these thugs. But their hands are tied and they have a WHIMP for a boss.

    Guys I know you want to go in and kick butt, but you can’t do that without weapons. If you all want to get the message across to commish you all are going to have to sick out. There is no other way.

    Listening and watching for the Governor next move.

  3. So sad to hear that the violence continues. However, blaming the MLA’s, the governor, the RCIPS, etc is not productive and not necessarily the place to put the blame.

    First of all, the individuals out there committing these horrible crimes are the ones to blame. They are the ones who make the decisions to do something counterproductive to society and get involved with the ‘wrong’ crowd. Even the picture of this 18-year old shows him flashing gang signs. He clearly was running with the wrong crowd, one that brings you nothing but trouble. (and yes, I do feel sorry for his family. I can’t imagine getting the news that someone you love has been hurt or worse because of the bad decisions they have made.)

    There are also many people who know what went down, who is invovled and yet they NEVER come forward to help provide information to RCIPS. The police effort depends on the support of the community. If they don’t have it, they can’t do their job effectively. Friends and family need to stop shielding those who are holding our society hostage and turn them in!!! If you don’t start showing some ‘tough love’ it will end up causing others–and possibly yourself–even more pain.

    Basically, it is a community effort to clean up the streets, capture the criminals and get them what they deserve (according to the law). No sense in passing the blame around; we should all look at ourselves and see if there is anything we can do to HELP the situation and those who are trying to find the criminals and bring them to justice.

  4. Is it the new agenda to eliminate as many young Caymanians as possible – by Caymanians??? Are you trying to make room for more foreigners OR WHAT?? Stop the insanity NOW!!! Y’all gone completely crazy and the bullshit needs to stop!! You want to play ‘BAD MAN’??? Then get out there and do something to help our country and your fellowman, then you will be BAAAD!! Tired of this now!!!

  5. Ah Caymanian!
    Too long have you sat on your hands and expected someone else to provide the background for your comfortable life, and not lifted your head to see what was happening to your society while the old virtues and constraints were being undermined – not least by Caymanians, not willing to take on the proper governance of your own lives, let alone the govermnance of your society.
    By the waters of Babylon, we sat down, and wept.

  6. Wow, some great knee-jerking going on here. Riot shields? Curfews? Will you people get real. It is not an issue that can be solved by brute force, it is a cultural problem that needs to be addressed.

    These killings have been targeted killings, not random acts of violence. I feel no more threatened than I did this time last week, why, because I am not some gangster wannabe.

    These people have been killed because of either their own acts, or the acts of someone affiliated to them, by people who think the right thing to do is to resolve these issues using violence.

    Remove all the guns on the street, fine – these people will use baseball bats, ban the bats, they will use knives, ban knives, they will use fists and feet.

    A curfew or a riot shield will do nothing against this problem, only make the island look more of an out of control backwater.

    To suggest the police could arm all their officers overnight is ridiculous. Yes, they may have all the kit. I am sure I have all the kit to make a souffle in the kitchen, doesn’t mean I could actually produce it.

  7. Dear Caymanian, Former RCIP
    whoever you are, Kudos for that great article. Hope the Governor, Commissiosner of Police and the entire government read your comments that summarizes exactly what the Cayman Islands thermometer reads in this critical hour.


    I recommend to the PPM and all opposition including independents led by Mr.Alden McLaughlin and Mr. Eszard Miller; that if no serious distinctive action is not taken within the next THREE DAYS by His Excellency the Governor and the Comm. Of Police that you the Opposition lead a delegation to he UK and demand the FCO office and the British Parliament to intercede and take this matter into control.
    Please do no annoy the rest of us by pandering the idea that you need to consult with the Premier or the Governor to make such a move. Show us that you are real leaders and we’ll give you our respect. This is why you were elected.If I was an elected member of the present government or the opposition, I would not waste anymore time exchanging dialogue and phony consultations that leads to no where.Talk is cheap and it will always be CHEAP. We the public are your consultants our report is that the RCIP needs new leadership and the Governor needs to act now protect our national security and ensuring the people’s safety in our communities nationwide.

    So its time for the PPM and all opposition to act and board a flight to the UK meeting with the FCO officer or invite him here IMMEDIATELY to bring this madness to an end.

    Its time to act, no more speeches.

  8. Can you imagine it took lodging a complaint this morning on the FCO website via comment/question section, to get a response out of this Governor. At least its funny how that was done this morning and he made a statement this evening. But maybe not. Maybe just coincidence. Anyway at least he made one. Now no more talk The law abiding citizens of the Cayman Islands want to see action.

  9. The American men who keep writing about how they want to hold onto a gun to feel safe sound like a broken record. Listen, dears, I’m a 63 year old woman and drive where I want when I want and don’t fear these violent children. If you do, just crawl up in the back of my car and I’ll drive you where you want to go. Better that than having you shoot your gun every time you feel threatened or enraged like so often happens in the U.S.A.

  10. Worse, and worse……
    For goodness sake put pressure on the Authorities
    – this has to stop. The Police clearly cannot cope, and need to seek assistance from elsewhere from those who are practised in dealing with serious crime.
    Small Island Police with BIG CITY problem.