Parrots an invasive species

On the issue of parrots, the history of parrots goes far back, they have always been known as pest. They are more destructive to crops than the agouti. Every real Caymanian knows this fact, at least those from the north and east of the Island. Farmers have always been angry at their destructive power.

At one time government bought their heads to encourage people to get rid of them; not only are they destructive to crops, they are also very noisy.

There are only a few real Caymanians on the Island is proof that this law is influenced by foreigners; those who support the law have nothing for the parrots to destroy. I am sure all farmers will agree that this law needs to be changed. The actual national bird is the Nightingale. This error must be corrected immediately. All farmers must come together and demand the change.

Ansel Connolly


  1. Do you have something drastic going on in your life or you just a bird hater?
    You were put in this world for a reason, so is the parrots.
    I’ve seen farmers protect their crops before, why don’t you?
    Just love what God lent to us, for it’s only for a time.

  2. I just spent a week there. Drove all over the island including Farm East End. Looked out for parrots the whole time. Didn’t see or hear a single one. I think there may be room enough for you and the parrots. Maybe the agoutis too.

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