Krys Global can boast perfect 10

The third and final leg of the 2011 A.R. Scott 10s tournament at the South Sound Rugby ground only had three teams taking part. The John Doak Architecture Iguanas, well out of the running for a podium spot, forfeited their matches for the day with injuries and off island absences taking their toll, on 24 September.

The Ecay Pigs Trotters, without fearless leader Doug Anderson leading from the safety of the touchline, succumbed to three straight defeats on the day and were unable to mount a final attack on the lead built up by the Krys Global Buccaneers in the standings. The Buccs beat DHL Cayman Storm 14-7.

The Ecay Pigs Trotters, knowing that the clash against the Storm was a must-win affair were subjected to a heavy loss against Storm who were clearly unphased by their loss earlier in the day. The Storm defence impressed most by only allowing in one try by the Trotters to breeze to victory 34-7.

The days’ final match was not going to be the decider of the tournament but rather an opportunity for the two top ranked teams to leave their mark on what had been a fun and good natured competition. That said the Buccaneers took no chances and stamped their authority on the game early on. A late surge from the Pigs Trotters in the second half made for a few nervy moments for the Buccaneers but the final result was never in doubt. Krys Global Buccaneers beat the Ecay Pigs Trotters 44-17.

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