Alphasoft continues school support

For a fourth year in a row, computer company Alphasoft is supporting the Triple C School’s Information Technology Department. 

With the donation of 33 Hewlett-Packard machines for use by teachers, the schools teachers can now run Windows 7 operating system. 

“The donor and owner of the company is a graduate of Triple C and has assisted the school over the past four years.  

“The first donation we received from Alphasoft was supplies.  

“The year after, they donated 15 machines and monitors for our student computer lab.  

The very next year, the company contributed a further 15 machines and now these 33 computers will replace those that did not run Windows 7,” said IT teacher Rob Crysler.  

He said the company’s ongoing commitment to the school has been a great blessing in keeping the school up to date with regards to computer equipment. 

“We highly value this commitment and are very thankful for it,” Mr. Crysler said. 

Triple C Alphasoft Cayman

Triple C Math Teacher Elita Vassell using her new computer.PHOTO: SUBMITTED

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