Show honour in the House

There is one thing that we all hear and know that is going on in the Legislative Assembly by members of the House. Whenever the LA is in session, we hear members of the House being so very disrespectful against each other.

They behave like little spoiled school brats. This behaviour dishonours the way they should conduct themselves. And the Speaker of the House has very little control when it comes to keeping order in the LA. Certain members are allowed to carry on like they want and be able to even insult other members. We deserve a lot better leadership. This type of disrespect for the position they hold and for the people of this Island reminds me also of real pirates fighting over rum and women.

Instead of these members of our elected government conducting themselves like real men that know how to handle the needs of the people and do their jobs right, instead we have this bunch of disrespectful blabber mouths that have no real honour. We are sick and tired of this going on in our LA and a stop has to be put to it. The time has come when all members of our elected government should stop playing word games and do something good for the people instead of wasting time and talking against each other. We are not paying you all that money you are paid to fight and argue. No positive forward movement can come out of your childish conduct while in the LA.

No wonder your hands are tied when it comes to taking care of a national problem. So very bad, so sad.

The people of this Island are sending a lot of messages to the leadership. If they would only listen to a lot of them maybe, just maybe they would have better respect for themselves and all the other members of the House and the people. For if this is the way they act against each other, it is quite clear they do not respect the people.

Many people depend on the members of the elected government to set an example. Many look up to you for answers to the many problems they face in this country.

But it seems that you cannot really help us out of this national mess we are in.

Emile S. Levy

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