Bruce steers Longhorns

The Legendz Longhorns will look to build on their momentum at Kings Sports Centre.

After a shocking one-goal victory over the MEPCO High Rollers, Legendz now take on defending champions ITS Cayman. The Logic Adult Roller Hockey League contest is slated for Tuesday, 11 October, at 8pm.

The Longhorns come into the 2011-2012 campaign with much to prove. Last year they had a lackluster finish, placing last with a 3-5 record. One of their priorities is improving on a offence that scored only 59 goals. The squad comes into the season mostly intact from the last term with play-makers like Derek Bruce, Mark Thompson and Brad Galbraith back in the fold.

In addition to Legendz-ITS, the other match-up on Tuesday features the Islanders and MEPCO at 9pm. A 1-1 record for the High Rollers is somewhat surprising considering that their offence is rolling behind Eric Mildenberger.

It should also be noted that many players will be taking part in the local ball hockey league, which started back last Thursday.

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