Charles catches record escolar

Celebrity angler Charles Ebanks is assaulting the record books again, this time escolar is the victim. 

Ebanks caught a 169 pound escolar fish on Monday night in Grand Cayman waters. The fish was caught on a 30lb test and is a new Cayman Islands record for that species of fish caught on a line of that size. The catch is a possible world record as well, pending notification from the International Game Fish Association, the global governing body for competitive angling. 

Ebanks would weigh the fish Tuesday morning at the Barcadere Marine in George Town. On hand for the weigh-in was members of the Cayman Islands Angling Club. Ebanks states the fish put up a fight. 

“We left to go fishing around 4.30pm/5pm,” Ebanks said. “We got to about 3000-4000 feet of water and had a swordfish on the line. We lost that but from there the escolar came to the boat quick. It ran off about 300-400ft of line and I fought it for about 40 minutes. 

“I have caught them year round. Normally I catch them and let them go because I can’t really sell them. I reckon I can sell about 80/100lbs of it. Escolar are pretty abundant here. Cayman is like a capital of the world for them.” 

Ebanks caught the escolar (commonly called snake mackerel or butterfish) on board Disco Fever, a 24ft Scarab boat owned and captained by Emil Terry. Interestingly, Terry used the same boat two weeks ago when he caught a 173lb escolar on a 50lb test. That fish would also be a Cayman record for a rod of that size and is a possible world record. 

Ebanks jokes that this week’s catch is about catching up with Terry. 

“Emil caught one and he has the world record now from me. I came close this time and I’m still going 
at him.” 

Charles Ebanks Octescolar

Charles Ebanks caught a record fish this week. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES


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