Calendar that packs a punch

The progress the boxing programme has made in the two years since the D Dalmain gym opened has been phenomenal. But the programme always needs more funds for it to keep apace with all the developments. That’s why Tracey Seymour, Cayman’s top female boxer and talented photographer, decided to create a boxing calendar for 2012 which will be available soon.

“I’m a fanatic of the photography world, hence I became a photographer as I love to capture people and a boxing calendar has been one of my projects that I had in mind since the opening of the gym,” Seymour says. “I’ve done photos before for it, but we never did get a chance to get at it, so I’m hoping we can get everything done, set and ready to go soon.”

She took over 100 shots and chose a wide selection for the 12 months, front and back cover. “Each month features one of the boxers such as myself, Jessica McFarlane, Dariel Ebanks, Kendall Ebanks, Tafari Ebanks, Thomas McField, Aaron Powell, Chad Scott and coaches Norman Wilson and Nayon ‘Donie’ Anglin. Also on the calendar is our very own pro boxer Charles ‘Da Killa’ Whittaker. So each month will have at least two images or more as a collage of us.

“It didn’t take very long to compile the shots, I’m pretty much a fast worker when it comes to this. The only thing that did take time was the actual taking of the images, which we conducted our photoshoot inside Dalmain’s gym on three different days. For my own personal images, I had to get my friend and fellow photographer Rhian Campbell to take my shots and then schedule the guys on other days so I can shoot them.

“You can also view a video footage of how the photoshoot went by visiting my website and go to the video tab and it’s the third video on there. You may also see a few images that was done that day of the boxers on my home screen, but those aren’t the ones that will be on the calendar.

“We’re hoping to be done with the setting up and printing of calendars before November ends, that way we can be ready to sell as soon as possible. At this moment we’re still working on the cost of how much each calendar will be, so can’t give an exact price right now, but know that it won’t be more than $25 for it. But also keep in mind this is for a great cause.

“We are still looking for sponsors from companies and the community. We want the sponsors to buy an entire month which will be $450 in which their logo will be placed on the month that they purchase.”

This fund-raiser will be used towards the helping of the many boxers who have joined the popular programme. Two national team boxers, Kendall Ebanks and Dariel Ebanks went to Azerbajian for the world championships recently. Dariel won his first fight, making Cayman history in the process.

“Having won just once shows me and I’m sure many others, that we are just another step closer at making history even more for our little Island. If you ask me, we’ve already made history by just being at such an event which is just as big as the Olympics. People will remember us not only for our great beaches and many banks, but also for the God given talent we have within our community.

“We also want to use this fund-raiser to help save our youths. As many may already know, the gym has started its after school programme when the schools re-opened. We also did a summer programme which a lot of kids attended and enjoyed themselves. But to continue to do these things and more will cost money, so why not invest that money into our youths?

“Everyone knows the recent events that took place where our young men were killing each other. Those lives lost are sad to say, too late to save now, but there are so many more young men and women who are either on that path or almost on it that are still here and that we can still save and who we should invest our time and our money into and give them a future goal, a dream, something to look forward to.”

The after school programme was a big hit. “Since the starting of the programme we’ve had 160-plus students walk through our doors to participate in boxing. Myself, coach Chad Scott, Troy O’Neil, Charles Whittaker and Aaron Powell have been coaching at least 50 kids per day, rain or shine they come.

“With programmes like this, it helps our youths develop an interest in more activities, which in turn will give them a goal to achieve. I know this is true as I’m a prime example. My teammates are prime example and we’ve already had a few students come to our 6pm classes which is for the national team and adults and they now desire to be the best at boxing. We can’t always sit down and talk about how we can save our youths, we need to take more action. Without our youths, there can be no future.”

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