Seabob makes a splash here

Teaching kids how to swim has many advantages, especially in the Caribbean where we are surrounded by water. A government backed swimming programme started last week to help increase the demographic and possibly unearth another Olympic entrant eventually.  

Adam Geoghegan is the swimming coach for the government’s after school programme. He was at Public Beach with a group of school children and along with the regular drills, they had a lot of fun playing with a Seabob, a mechanical engine that pulls people along the surface or helps them to dive, saving all the hard work of actually swimming down. Seabob is owned by a newly formed company, Sports Extreme.  

“This is the new, most amazing sports toy and water experience that has ever been in the Cayman Islands and Extreme Sports is the proud owner of the Seabob,” said Geoghegan. “We’re doing a launch amongst the kids who do generally give the best feedback when it involves sports.  

“I’m incorporating teaching them how to swim in their own environment and been entrusted in getting them here safely and getting home safe. They go in the sea doing drills every Tuesday and Thursday. It’s to try to get children to stay out of trouble and channel their energies in a good way. The kids are very safe, we have two or three coaches and we break them up into groups depending on their levels of ability.” 

Geoghegan has a sports science degree from the University of Limerick in Ireland. He was a champion in various sports there. In athletics he excelled in shot putt and the hammer throw and played football, basketball and swimming to a high level. He also ran his own boot camp.  

Alex Lorenz is a German former derivatives trader who had lived here for two years and is a partner of Sports Extreme. “I shut my derivatives business down and decided to start Sports Extreme,” he said. “A German company manufactures the Seabob and been doing it for six years. It wasn’t here yet so I decided I might as well bring it on island.  

“It’s an expensive toy. There is a little charity involved but I am planning to rent it out. So many can enjoy it. It drives up to 10 miles per hour, so it’s fast. I think it is green, runs on electricity and I plan to have it charged with solar panels. So it is a toy of the future. We’re doing other Sports Extreme things in the future and planning to bring more water toys here.  

“I hope the kids can integrate the Seabob in their training in a very safe and controlled environment. This can be very helpful for them for swimming and diving. It can probably pull 10 kids along on a leash. They can have a lot of fun with that.” 

Adam wave

The Seabob can pull a bunch of kids.

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