Prison service recruiting officers

A job fair to recruit new prison officers was held at Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward on Friday, 14 October. 

Several attendees learned about why a career as a prison officer would be a good choice; among them being job security, flexible working conditions, generous leave entitlements, competitive salary, as well as paid training and promotional and career development opportunities. 

“You are here to put structure into people’s lives and give them purpose and meaning, which means you’ll be involved in every aspect of a prisoner’s life,” the potential recruits heard from prison Information Officer Ricardo Lashley. He said duties vary depending on the security level of the prisoners being dealt with. 

As part of the assessment and training period, new officers are expected to complete eligibility and identification checks, an employment profile assessment, a selection panel interview, a medical assessment, a fitness assessment, a criminal history screening and a background check. 

Once potential officers make it through the selection stage, they will be placed in what is referred to as the Prison Officer Pool, from which the will then be considered for employment. If offered a position, the recruits will then take up a role as probationary prison officer. A paid nine-week training period, which is part of a two-year entry level training programme that requires them to satisfy specific entry, training and performance requirements. 

The starting salary for prison officers is CI$2,606 per month with a housing benefit of CI$125. New officers receive annual leave of 18 working days for the first years. This increases to 23 working day after seven years. Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service is one of the Island’s largest employers with nearly 175 employees. Responsibilities of the service include taking care of all adult and juvenile offenders in custody, as well as see court orders are followed and community standards upheld. 

Cayman prison officers

Several prison officers display confiscated contraband at a recent recruiting drive for new officers. – PHOTO: STUART WILSON


  1. Taking into account recent Compass headlines ( RE October 7 -2011) this could be a good sign. Give some of the present Gestapo officers the boot right out the front gate of Northward and Fairbanks and bring in some fresh and hopefully educated , trained guards.

  2. At Northward there is approx. 210 Prisoners. Many have come, gone and comeback again. There is no fulltime Pastor in place for that Prison. The Halfway house or intermediate step back into society for the prisoners is non-existent as to its availability and accountability. What we have is the perfect Storm for repeat offenders. Also to those who bring Church to the Prison, your efforts are applauded but are you ready to embrace those who have served their time and need a safe place filled with love and acceptance. Check your Pews and your hearts for the answer. It’s easy to go to them and have Church but are you ready for them when they need the love of Christians the most when they get out.

  3. We don’t need educated guards, and we don’t want repeat offenders….The solution? Big Bob.
    Big Bob used to work as a guard at Guantanamo and I hear he’s insatiable. He will literally square their butts away the best way he knows how. I promise, there would be no repeat offenders (almost anyway..)

  4. A prison officer? That is one job I could not see my self doing. There are too many laws that are indifferent to the people’s needs. First fix the economy, stop political corruption, and then I may consider representing the iron hand of the government.

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