Miss Teen tackles teen bullying

Determined to take a stand against teen bullying in Cayman schools, the reigning Miss Teen Cayman Islands Brooke Parchment carried out her first engagement at Triple C School on Thursday afternoon. 

A victim of bullying, Ms Parchment has dedicated her year to reducing the amount of bullying that arises in the Cayman Islands. 

The lives of most high school students are pretty normal, but for some it is not so fortunate, she said. 

“School should be a place where students feel safe and can express themselves. However, for some students their school life is far from pleasurable because pain, rumours and bullying are around every corner. I was bullied. Not for the way I looked or being different, it was because I would not fall into peer pressure. You should never do something because someone else wants you to, or because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. Believe it or not, many people look up to those who take the initiative to be a leader,” she told students. 

Choosing not to fall into the peer pressure trap helped her accomplish many things and one was becoming Miss Teen Cayman Islands.  

“If I chose to follow the crowd, I probably wouldn’t be here speaking to you today because those actions would have led me down the wrong path,” she said. 

Ms Parchment has seen a lot of cyber bullying with teenagers in the Cayman Islands. 

“Facebook and BBM should not be places where you post negative things, curse words, or hurtful things about others,” she said.  

It should be used as ways to keep in touch with friends and family and to post positive things, she said. 

“Being different is a gift and we should all appreciate it,” Ms Parchment said. “Find other ways to settle differences rather than broadcasting.” 

She went on to highlight various types of bullying.  

“There are many untold factors as to why people bully,” she said. “It may be someone’s appearance, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or even someone being jealous.”  

Ms Parchment said both males and females carry out vicious bullying attacks on others, and bullies may only do it to uphold their reputation or to maintain their superficial superiority. 

“As teenagers we are the future of the Cayman Islands and it is important for us to help each other by sticking up for victims of bullying and avoiding unnecessary drama and conflict,” she said. 

If you are a victim of bullying, she said, speak to someone you trust. If bullying gets worse contact someone; the family support unit; The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre; the Department of Children and Families services or visit 

Miss Teen Cayman Triple C School

Brooke Parchment, Miss Teen Cayman Islands 2011, speaks with Triple C students about bullying. – Photo: Jewel Levy


  1. Congratulations Miss Teen on addressing this issue.

    As a former Miss Teen I was bullied by one of the contestants who not placed or received any award that night. The bullying incidents that took place at school but I never made a report to any adult I confided in one of my best friends, a young man in my class, became my greatest source of protection.

    Whenever I was targeted at the bathroom to look at the rude insults plastered on the walls, called names to provoke a response, endured lies told about me and my family who were accused of paying the judges for my success, etc., I would literally run to my best friend. His girlfriend didn’t understand why he seemed to be comforting me and I knew she thought we were being rude, but I knew he would be a protective buffer and not encourage violence.

    We were both quiet and refused to give in to bullying by giving her (and her friends) the attention they craved and demanded.

    As a teen I knew he would support me in avoiding conflict and drama and at that age we knew the person would always seek attention through drama and conflict.

    I am happy to see this issue being addressed but unfortunately I believe it was the suicides of many that forced people to take a look at this prevalent form of abuse.

    I implore any young person who may be bullied to realise the other person/s are clearly insecure or in some cases so delusional they mask their personality disorders by bullying others and may never change, so take the solid advice of Miss Teen 2011 and report it to a trusted adult and friend and other local sources of assistance and have others in authority provide support.

  2. Oh, so in other words. The boy liked you, and you put him in the friend zone.

    I’m sure he was happy.

    PS. Women always complain because they can’t find a good boyfriend. Well he was always there, in the friend zone, where you left him.

    Also, bullying is a part of growing up. Everything in high school is the single biggest learning lesson in life. And some will learn these lessons, harder than others. But when the real world comes crashing down. All those life lessons come in handy.

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