Win big bucks with the Compass

The Caymanian Compass with LIME and Camana Bay are ready to give away $15,000, as well as other prizes from LIME. 

A Compass readership promotion invites readers to collect tokens from the Compass and Observer newspapers to fill out a treasure map in conjunction with the 46th anniversary of the Compass and Pirates Week as a pirate-themed treasure hunt. 

There will be a treasure map inserted in the Compass next Thursday and then from Monday, 31 October, to Friday, 25 November. Tokens will be printed in the Compass and Observer on Sunday that people will have to cut out and match to the tokens on the map. Readers will have to collect 30 out of the 40 tokens. There will be full page ads in the Compass and the Observer on 24 October to promote the competition. The token ads will start running on 31 October. The campaign will also be promoted on SPIN, VIBE, Radio Cayman, Breeze, Hot, Kiss and XFM. On Thursday, 27 October, the treasure map will be inserted into the Compass. Maps will also be available at Cayman Free Press offices, Mail Boxes Etc. at Camana Bay and all LIME stores. 

The last tokens will be printed on Friday, 25 November. People will have until 5pm Friday, 2 December, to drop off their maps and tokens to either CFP or Mail Boxes etc. Winners will be drawn on Monday, 5 December. There will be a prize giving at Camana Bay at 6pm on Wednesday, 7 December, where the winners will be presented with the cheques. 

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