Plan B gunning for Kirk Express

The Cayman Islands see a major drag race this weekend and the focus is on two Honda Civic hatchbacks.

One, often referred to as the Kirk Express, is piloted by Tom Kirkconnell, who has the current Front Wheel Drive record. The other is a turbo Type-R, called Plan B, driven by Donald Francis.

Francis states his goal is to head out to the Breakers Speedway 1/8 mile track and put on a show.

“If Tom does compete, it will be a good race,” Francis said. “He has the record but my goal is to take that away from him. That’s something no one wants to miss. Tom’s car has been parked for over two years while my car is almost where I want it to be.”

Kirkconnell is the man to beat with a time of 6.8 seconds in his grey Honda. The mark was set back in December 2009 at a Cayman Motorsports Association meet titled ‘Full Throttle.’ Francis meanwhile has a top time of 7.4 seconds this year, bursting on to the scene in June. The North Side native recently was sponsored by the National Building Society of the Cayman Islands and he has had help building the car from US-based tuner Javier Torres and technical advisor Jimel McLean.

A noted Honda guru, McLean states Francis’ Civic should shine on Sunday, 30 October.

“Donald’s car has the potential,” McLean said. “The track conditions are hard and with FWD it is hard to put all of the power down. The times are not there yet, but the way it’s set up now, it can do the job of getting closer to Tom’s time.

“We recently did transmission work on it. Props should go to Javier as he has been on board with the build from day one. He’s a mechanic/tuner by trade and he has come down to Cayman a couple of times in the past. He is also my tuner and a close personal friend having tuned my car on Island.”

After this Sunday’s meet, which is put on by the Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association, the next race will take place in December. Francis states his dream is to represent Cayman in the future.

“I plan to represent Cayman around the Caribbean. I also want to build the car to compete in the States. If I see an opportunity to compete in the US I’ll go as I need the experience of racing there.”

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