Tropical Storm Rina forms

    Meandering storm south of Grand Cayman

    Tropical Storm Rina formed late Sunday in the western Caribbean Sea. 

    As of 7am Cayman Islands time Monday , Rina was centered near 16.8N and 82.5W,  about 195 miles south-southwest of Grand Cayman.  The storm, which had maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour, was moving north-northwest at six miles per hour.  

    The National Hurricane Center in Miami expected TS Rina to maintain its current track overnight and then shift to a west-northwest track on Monday.  A minority of the computer forecast models show the storm continuing on a northerly track, one that would take it much closer to Grand Cayman. 

    The storm will impact Cayman’s weather at least through Tuesday.  The Cayman Islands National Weather Service said the system posed no immediate threat to the Cayman Islands, but cautioned Grand Cayman residents that the associated showers could be heavy at times. 

    “Residents of low-lying areas should take precautions as the heavy showers may enhance any flooding problems in their areas,” the forecast said. 

    The National Weather Service expects a gradual decrease in cloudiness and shower activity on Grand Cayman from Tuesday afternoon. 

    The National Hurricane Center’s official track keeps the storm in the northwest Caribbean Sea most of the week, with a landfall along the Yucatan Peninsula just north of Belize as a tropical storm on Friday afternoon. 


    TS Rina’s track as of Monday morning.
    National Weather Service

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