Concert delights children

Singing a song, dancing and making musical sounds was the lesson for hundreds of preschoolers at First Baptist Church on Pedro Castle Road last Friday.

The mid-morning concert with guest speaker Maryann Harman involved children and engaged parents and teachers in music activities which were both educational and enjoyable.

Maryann “Mar” Harmon is the creator of Music With Mar. – an internationally known music education program for children. She has produced music for more than 25 recordings, winning two Children’s Web Awards and one Silver Parents’ Choice Award. Harmon holds a Bachelors in Music and a Masters in Education Early Childhood Education.

She was invited on-island to host the concert, which encouraged learning in early childhood development through songs, puppets, books, instruments, sign language and motor skills by friend Laurel Frazer.

At the church, Ms Harmon captivated the children as she injected action and a sense of humour into a mix of fun loving songs.

Even exploring the alphabets and colours was made enjoyable to the children through songs and actions which was a particular favourite of the students.

The songs and activities provided a fun moment for teachers that were both educational and social. The programme had educators clapping and dancing to the beat of the children songs such as Spider, Mr. Froggy’s Friends, and Everybody Speaks music.

According to Ms Harman, participating in music should be stress-free, promoting good social growth and enhancing self-esteem.

She travels all over the world for speaking engagements and concerts. Concerts may be schedule according to children’s age groups.

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