Girls set to net a technical director

Most of the primary sports in the Cayman Islands have a technical director, except netball. That fact is slated to change this year.

According to Director of Sports Collin Anglin, netball will be getting a technical director in the coming months. As Anglin explains, the Cayman Islands Netball Association will be in charge of filling the position.

“Netball will be hiring a technical director while the Ministry of Sports will be giving financial support,” Anglin said. “To be clear the netball association will be the ones hiring someone, not the department. Most associations have a technical director and in the past, for the focus sports, those persons were employed by the Department of Sports.

“However we have found that creates confusion as the department and the association have slightly different organisational objectives. We’re all working for the betterment of sports but now we can rectify that issue and make a more efficient line of communication. It’s been done already in football, our national sport. The technical director reports to government and there is consistency in structure.

“For netball, a recruiting process will take place like it would when applying for any other job.”

Netball is one of Cayman’s six main or ‘focus’ sports. The other five are athletics, basketball, cricket, football and swimming. Aside from swimming, all have technical directors who help grow the discipline in competitiveness and numbers. Those persons are Kenrick Williams (track and field), Victor ‘Voot’ O’Garro (hoops), Theo Cuffy (cricket) and Carl Brown (football).

Anglin states for netball, the last person to occupy the technical director post was the late Jean Pierre.

“A technical director is something that has been really needed for netball. Jean Pierre had that role years ago. When she passed away those shoes were never filled. It made things more difficult without a technical director there. It’s a huge step forward for the netball association and the sport.”

For netball, a technical director would be timely. The national women’s competition, the netball association open league, starts up next month with Roma as the two-time defending champions. The annual opening ceremony and parade is tentatively set for 4 November.

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