We’ll bruise Bruising Jamaicans

Cayman’s amateur boxers keep busy by hosting another show and this time they face a team from Jamaica with the formidable name of Bruising Gym Boxing Club.

The show is at the D. Dalmain Ebanks gym in George Town on Saturday from 7pm and Cayman’s best amateurs intend to give the Bruising Gym fighters from Stony Hill, Kingston a taste of their own medicine. Ticket prices start at $10.

Tracey Seymour, Cayman’s top female boxer, has an exhibition bout with Bruising Gym fighter Sasha Gay ‘Ice’ Fowler. It will be a rematch from five years ago. Seymour said: “I won on points before. We were pretty much the same weight then, but she is much heavier now, over 200lbs and I’m only 148lbs so it is an exhibition bout. I still want to box her though. I’ll use my speed because I expect her to be much slower and use body shots to slow her down.”

Coach Norman Wilson said: “We are looking forward to bolstering our fighters’ records and this is a perfect opportunity. I’m looking forward to a great show. We have our two girl fighters matched and Chad Scott is a young kid just starting out and this will be his first fight. He’s coming along pretty good.

“Most of the other established boxers will be matched, including Dariel Ebanks, Kendall Ebanks and Tafari Ebanks.

“Hopefully, the rain will not affect attendance too much.

“People need things to do for entertainment and they should get out of the house and attend the show.”

Matches (Cayman boxers first)

Aaron Powell (2-2) V Kamahl Russell (1-0) 170lbs

Chad Scott (0-0) V K Miller (0-0) 178lbs

Tafari Ebanks (8-1) V Adrian Mendez (0-0) 124lbs

Dareil Ebanks (16-2) V Ricardo Brownage (8-3) 168lbs

Kendall Ebanks (9-5) V Sean Wheatley (9-4) 132lbs

Thomas McField (1-0) 
V Ragi Jones (0-0) 

Raymon Rodriquez (0-1) V Andre Gray (4-1) 120lbs

Jessica McFarlane-Richards (2-4) V Felice Groves (6-0) 124 Lbs.

Tracey Seymour (3-2) V Sasha Gay Fowler (exhibition bout)

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