Police release name, photo of rape suspect

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Police are requesting the public’s help in finding 32-year-old Jeffrey Barnes in relation to the rape of a woman in Red Bay on Saturday.

Barnes is also wanted in relation to an earlier sexual assault on a family member and repeated attempts Saturday to lure an 11-year-old girl into his car, Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said Monday.

He warned that Barnes has a “violent disposition” and should be considered dangerous, adding that he is known to have access to firearms.

Police released a photograph of Barnes and are urging members of the public not to approach the suspect, but instead to immediately contact police.

The rape occurred Saturday morning, 29 October, after a man in a red Honda Civic hatchback car pulled up at the side of the Shamrock Road, where a 49-year-old woman was waiting for a bus. He offered her a ride and when she refused, he got out of the car, holding something in his hand that was covered by a piece of cloth, and ordered her to get into the car.

He drove the victim to a secluded area in the Admirals Landing area where he raped her, police said.

Police do not know if the suspect was carrying a weapon.

The vehicle was later recovered by police in Prospect.

Shortly after police were alerted to the rape, they received a call saying that a man in a red Honda Civic had tried to lure a young girl into his car three times that morning, as she was waiting for a lift at the side of the road at Victory Drive in Prospect.

“Sensibly, the young girl refused. Subsequently, a family member saw the young girl speaking to this individual in the red car and approached the young girl and the driver drove away,” Detective Superintendent Bodden said.

Around 8.15pm that night, police received another call – this time from a family member of the suspect saying that he “had reportedly sexually assaulted a family member” on an earlier occasion.

Detective Superintendent Bodden said Barnes was known to police, who had already issued an arrest warrant for him last week in connection with an assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Police have searched premises in Whitman Seymour Drive in George Town and Mahogany Drive in Prospect, where he has lived, but have so far found no sign of Barnes.

“We know that Jeffrey Barnes is aware that we want to speak to him,” said Detective Superintendent Bodden.

Anyone with information is asked to call George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

For more on this developing story, read Wednesday’s Caymanian Compass.

Jeffrey Barnes

Mr. Barnes

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  1. Why has it taken the RCIPS this long and such a horrendous sexual assault crime to be committed before they have chosen to do what should have been done a long time ago…release the name and photos of confirmed suspects in major crimes.

    Once the general public knows who these people are, then protective measures can be taken for individuals, and their friends, families and the general public.

    It is only a small handful of criminals who are causing havoc in Cayman now and most of them are known to the local people who live in the areas that they live and sometimes operate in…but Cayman’s culture is this…if they have done me no wrong, what they do and to whom, is none of my business.

    When the criminal justice system cannot put Jeffrey Barnes behind bars for the very long time that he has deserved, for a long time now…

    The entire Cayman society is put at risk.

  2. This is one of the first time I know that the police released a photo of a suspect rape I wonder why they did it? One is perhaps, the police wants us the community to do their job! Two- please, don’t do us the community people a favour, by saying he is a suspect!! The victim claimed he raped her! So in any law, he becomes a convicted rapist, or is necessary to enlist all the series of the dramatic event and details this lady experienced? I keep saying nobody gives a flute to anything that happens around the community…..until it happens to one of YOURS…I totally agreed with the so saying island idiosyncrasies if they have done me no wrong, what they do and to whom, is none of my business. Well, this is our business and we should make your business, because, then you want to bend all the rules and even write letters to the Queen for help and compassion to our backyards problems.
    Community situations have to be addressed from the moment it started…..is like cancer, once detected….next is to exterminated it.

  3. Xpressions

    I hope that in qouting me in your comments that you realise that I am stating honestly, what the general Caymanian attitude is…and that it not my own personal attitude or views…

    And that you are thankful that there is at least one Caymanian who is willing and able to state the truth in terms that you can use to make your point.

    And while you’re at it, don’t fail to acknowledge that the RCIPS’s policy of hiding vital information from the public has contributed to these criminals being able to take advantage of innocent people who have every right to know who they are and what they are suspected or have been accused of doing.

    Hopefully, this step by the RCIPS will signal a change in the right direction in how they operate, for the sake of the safety of the public.

    This piece of human offal should have been taken down a long time ago and he has only operated this long because he chooses his victims very well.

  4. Firery, I agree with your comments entirely. Unfortunately, the innocent people who do not have a voice are always the ones to suffer…

    I wonder if this happened closer to ‘home’ for those who have a voice, what the outcome (justice) would be?

    There are many living amongst us who have done such hideous crimes to family members as well as others, yet they are protected and we are not.

    It makes you think long and hard about raising your kids in such a society and as a single parent, i do not take any of this lightly for myself or my child.

  5. This man is good at this. How many more victims are out there or maybe not around anymore?

    Got the message?

    What happened to the two missing ladies?
    Were they raped first? who raped them, where are theynow
    He approached one victim with something in his hand under a piece of fabric what was it? a weapon? Was it the intention of the rapist to use the weapon to extend their life or bring it to an end?

    Caymanians wakeup.

  6. To all responders to my comments…

    This despicable piece of faeces is well known to Cayman’s local communtiy and to the police…that much I can guarantee.

    Can you imagine…an 11-year old child ?

    And this poor woman being forcibly abducted into a vehicle and the rest…

    The poor lady has not been given the training and knowledge to know that you NEVER enter a kidnapper’s vehicle…at any cost…no amount of fear of losing your life should stop a kidnapping victim from fighting with their very lives at stake before they allow themselves to be abducted into a vehicle.

    When you have senior members of the RCIPS taking weeks to upgrade ‘missing person’ searches to ‘possible homicide’ cases..what else can you expect ?

    When you have the local authorities(Governor, politicians and Commissioner of Police), blocking every attempt by the local community and concerned and qualified Caymanians to bring the situation to their attention and assist in providing self-protection measures, training and information to the community, what else do you expect ?

    Now that lives are being lost and destroyed, they are now considering that it is time to act on a situation that they have known and been told, existed ?

    The members of the RCIPS cannot even protect themselves from people like Jeffrey Barnes in Cayman because they, themselves, are being denied the means to do so; is it any wonder then, that the normal beat cop in Cayman is more concerned with their own safety, than going out and hunting down and apprehending people like him ?

    How many lives will it take for those in power and authority to realise that the criminal predators in Cayman have long taken over the society, at least the society of the local neighbourhoods and community because they have been given a free reign to do so ?

    The only local and lower-income expatriate people in Cayman who are not these criminals victims are those who make no joke about their own abilities and skills to protect themselves…and even those people run the risk of running afoul of Cayman’s police when they are forced to do so.

    And make no mistake, these criminals know who to avoid like the plague because, they too, wish to continue to live.

    Maybe this incident will galvanise Cayman’s community to unite and form a ‘voice’ that will be heard and the necessary steps taken to protect the innocent and vulnerable in Cayman who cannot protect themselves.