RCIPS release description of sex assault suspect

Police are now able to release a description of the male suspected of committing the sexual assault in Red Bay on Saturday morning at approximately 10.30am:

Male, light/fair skinned complexion, slim build, small slim face with a straight nose, approximately 5’ 5” – 5’ 6” in height, 25-28 years of age.

Male has tattoos on his arms that are dark blue-ish in colour which appeared to be in the form of letters. He also has a tattoo on his neck.

He was wearing a grey short sleeved T-shirt and light blue jean pants and his sneakers were dark in colour.

Suspect also believed to have a Caymanian accent

Anyone who has any information on the incident is asked to contact Detective Constable McQuade at George Town CID 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS). In an emergency always call 911.

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  1. People, look around you, he could be your next door neighbour!
    He’s not a first time perpetrator/predator!
    Don’t let these criminals intimidate us or affect our quality of life; call TIPS.
    There are more of us than them.
    It’s time to take control of our own lives and fight back with a vengeance!

  2. Because of the recent surge of crime in the Cayman Islands, I believe the time has come for the RCIP to upgrade and improve their quality of service to the community. CIP did a good job in releasing a detailed The description of the suspect, but don’t you think its time for RCIP to mature and begin to offer better clues to the public for a suspect to be identified.
    RCIP needs the services of a Police sketch artist that works in law enforcement agencies to help identify suspects, missing persons and witnesses. They create composite drawings, computer generated age progression photos and 3-D clay reconstruction to assist with identification
    The vehicle license tag should be traced right back to the owner who obviously may be the person responsible if the vehicle was not stolen or borrowed, he should fit such a description. It is unlikely in this case that the vehicle was stolen and is indeed the suspects own.
    Although there are no formal degree programs to become a police sketch artists, there is a lot of local artists with geat talent amongst our society and steps can be taken towards a career

  3. The Police description reads, light/fair skinned complexion.

    Is he white/black/Phillipino, not the right time to try and be political correct. Even saying he has a Caymanian Accent does not help, my neighbour one the right is white with light complexion and Caymanian born and across the road lives a Black , light complexion Caymanian born male.

  4. At least the description rules out about 80-90% of the population of Cayman, doesn’t it?
    Anf if the Caymanian accent point is correct, that really might narrow it down much further. However,I had understood that the Caymanian accent is definably different as between for example West Bay and East End. Perhaps a demonstration of such (an) accent(s) on Radio Cayman might help?

  5. Banana Republic:
    Please be cautious. This sort of approach led to vicious harassment of innocent individuals in several countries following media identification of paedophiles and suchlike.
    I don’t disagree with your sentiment, please note.