Only Caymanians should rule Cayman

I want to thank Firey for supporting my letters of concerns of the possibility of the Caymanian people being disenfranchised in this UK White Paper survey process. People like Firey are much needed to stand up for our rights here in the Cayman Islands and what we believe in without fear.

Mr. Hurlestone, my letters in no way, shape, form or fashion are tailored to misinform anyone as you are well aware. As you are a former deputy governor of the Cayman Islands you will appreciate that my letters are indeed a flag of caution to the Caymanian people seeing that they have lost so much confidence in the government of the day.

The FCO’s office is the supreme architect, trustee and overseer of the UK’s White Paper regarding their initiatives of partnership for progress and prosperity for the OTs. Nowhere does the UK advise directly the citizens of the OTs that they should respond to the governor’s website, nor the premier’s website nor any other website.

The citizens of the Cayman Islands for the past two years have been crying out to the powers that be to mend their ways of bad governance and numerous requests for transparency in our Cabinet. The premier himself is in hot water with his own problems having the auditor general’s microscope pointed at him. This government has not at all been listening to the various requests to not remove the rollover policy, nor has the premier conceded to the 3,000 or more citizens who signed a petition recently in protest of the government swapping ocean front land to a rich tycoon developer in exchange for an inland parcel of land of a much lesser real estate market value. The land belongs to the people of the Cayman Islands and this government does not understand that if they object, plans should be scrapped and the developer must acquire land the same as everyone else, pay for it.

The joblessness and unfair hiring practices that exists under this regime where businesses are unregulated and Caymanians whether degreed, skilled or unskilled, are being disenfranchised daily from the partnership for progress and prosperity that the UK talks about. Maybe we need to ask the UK exactly what is their interpretation of partnership for prosperity and progress and who will enjoy the sweet, for so far Caymanians are like Indians on a reservation, the educated, the not so educated, the red, yellow, black and white all are being left behind when the prosperity train arrives taking on everyone else except Caymanians.

Mr. Lemuel Hurlestone, I’m not only concerned as a citizen of these Islands, but I feel obligated to my community to speak out on this matter. I would be less than responsible to remain quiet as I clearly understand the risks involved in the manner in which this UK White Paper survey process in this region is being handled. It is no wonder you were met with little response. People are waking up and smelling the coffee and it’s time the government comes clean and begin to develop for Caymanians instead of seeking input for our future from expats to decide our destiny who are the majority and who came to these Islands to work and not to govern. It’s time the Cayman Islands government including the work permit chairman and the immigration director explain to people coming to this Islands to take up working positions that it is not in the interest of the people of these islands for them to get involved with our political process and that we expect to speak for ourselves where our future is concerned whether we remain a British Territory or go independent; God forbid. It is time to end this eternal outside interference into our political affairs.

In addition, seeing that the premier has lost so much support of recent I have a duty to the people to warn them and caution them of the dangers of submitting their responses on the premier’s website and even the governor’s website because we are still getting acquainted with our governor; we really don’t know who he is as yet, time will tell. The UK needs to hear from Caymanians who were born here and those with filial ties who qualify.

Caymanians are outnumbered, x-pats are the majority, I submit to you Mr. Lemuel Hurlestone, just what kind of survey do you think the x-pats will submit to the UK? Would it be in your best interest, my best interest or their own interest? As it was mentioned on Radio Cayman or Rooster, a lady cautioned our people to take note of what is happening to the Cayman Islands, she stated “there is a difference in being a born Caymanian living in the Cayman Islands as opposed to having adapted the Cayman Islands to live in. Only a handful of expats have even assimilated into our Caymanian society they seek to control.”

We welcome people to come here to work if we need them to fill positions, but when it comes down to our political process and making decisions about where we as Caymanians want to go, that is a right that the citizens of these Islands must enjoy; no one else. We cannot go to anyone else’s country and try to rule and reign there bullying our way through, and we cannot allow it to happen here.

God bless the Cayman Islands.

Florence Goring-Nozza


  1. Of course only Caymanians should, and ARE, allowed to vote.

    Of course this must include that small number of people from other countries who have spent so long here that they have, as a matter of law, become Caymanian citizens.

    While there may be over 20,000 expats in Cayman, most do not have, never will have and do not even want the right to vote.
    There is simply no chance that any significant number of these fellow human beings living here will ever be able to vote on the policies that affect their daily lives.

    As to the point made that Caymanians have been swept aside in the islands growth, this is simply not true.
    Just compare the incredible standard of living the modern Caymanian enjoys compared to their grandparents.
    I believe that any Caymanian prepared to put in an honest days work for an honest days pay will have no trouble finding a job.

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